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HP request, a music rec (muchly for peppygrowlithe), and insane homeless people are drawn to my car. In that order!

For some unknown reason, I allowed myself to fall out of touch with HP fic rec sites. Now that I've gotten back into fic reading (jumping in with both feet! Reading everything I can get my hands on! And to quote McDonalds: I'm lovin' it!), I need to re-find rec sites. Anyone have any good ones?

Any 'NC-17 only' ones wouldn't work for me, since I do most of my reading at work. Other than that, anything goes! A personal rec site, a LJ comm rec site, whatever! Point me to 'em, baby! (Thanks!)


I don't listen to music. I don't like the majority of music out there. When I'm in my car, I listen to news radio or NPR if I listen to anything at all. However, today the news radio station had Paul Harvey on (that man needs to be shot in the face), and NPR had some story I wasn't interested in, so I flipped through the music stations. Then I stopped. This beautiful, rich, deep-ish woman's voice was singing some song, and I loved it. Once I got back to my desk, I googled the lyrics and found out who she was. Evanescence. The song was from the Punisher soundtrack.

Hyper (peppygrowlithe), I think you'd probably like her a lot, too. She had that same quality of voice as that other woman singer you like. (The snow on the mountain one... snow sliding off the mountain, whatever it was.) You can see the video of the song for free which of course means you can hear it.


I got into a dangerous situation today, one which shouldn't have happened. I stopped at KFC to get a biscuit for lunch, and once through the drive-through I left my window down (it was hot out). I was sitting in the driveway and waiting for a break in the traffic so I could pull out, when this man yells "Hey, girl!". Without thinking, I glanced that way. A homeless person (dirty, baggy clothing, bag-wrapped bottle in one hand) was scowling at me as he hurried towards my car. "Stop!" he yelled. 'Like hell,' I thought and started rolling up my window.

Closer and closer the guy got (not that he started very far away, just a few steps), with me still rolling the window up. Luckily I got it closed before he was able to reach in, but that made him mad. "Look at me, bitch!" he yelled, bent down, his face next to the driver's side window. He was reaching forward with his free hand (probably to try to open the door, luckily I keep them locked all the time), when a break in the traffic came. I pulled out, leaving him yelling "LOOK AT ME!!" as I sped off.

I wish I could say that that was the only bad run-in I've had with homeless people, but it's not. Sooner or later I'm going to decide to just keep my car windows closed all the time. Sad, sad, sad.
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