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(Covering all the bases in this post: HP, anime, FFXI, RL.)

The Harry Potter page-a-day calendar had Madam Prince for Saturday/Sunday. A close-up, detailed profile of her face. Odd, but I don't recall seeing her in CoS... Anyway, she has rather nice earrings (long, dangling black stone ones), and a highly funky low hat with a few feathers sticking straight up. Strange that I don't remember seeing her...

Speaking of CoS, it was on HBO this weekend, so of course I watched it. No matter how often I've seen the movies, when they're on I watch them again. I don't think my enjoyment of them decreases, no matter how many times I've seen them.

I finished Procul His this morning and liked it quite a bit. I enjoyed being able to read it all at once, instead of waiting for it chapter-by-chapter as I'll do for the next story.

On a related note: I watched two eps of Naruto last night. I may have to start saving eps up, because it was much nicer to see two in a row than just one. And man, did we really such "subtle" evidence of Naruto/Sasuke? Blech. That's so not my OTP in that series.

Asuma is so very sexy -- every time I see him on screen, I think about the images of him from that adult game I had bought. (I know I have the pictures on Catlove somewhere, but I can't find them. Hm.) Also, the Third was a rather good looking man when he was younger. All those far-flashbacks into the past when the old characters were young always make me sniffle -- so much has changed! So much is gone! So many people are dead now...

Ah, drat. I thought today was the end of the bidding on the HP quilt/afghan, which would mean that I won it, but it has another week. Alas!

FFXI stuff:

It boggles me, but in the time it took me to level fishing up ONE level, I got twenty levels in cooking. Seriously! I hit cooking 50 on Sunday and fishing 30. Darned fishing! Why do you have to be so painfully slow to level up?

I totally do not understand any fishers who do not also cook. It's insane! Cooking is so so so easy (too easy, IMO), why would you *buy* the bait cooks make when you can make your own in no time and for less money? Insanity... but I suppose I shouldn't complain much, since those people buy all the bait that I cook.

I was laughing at myself on Friday: Earlier in the day I had posted that I shouldn't worry about in-game money anymore, because I always had so much. I hit an expensive period of cooking (in the 40s, apple pie cooking), and twice during the day had nearly no money; at one point I had one single gil between two characters! But at the end of the day I ended up back at 10K, so it ended well.

Some folks, especially MUSH folks, know how much I hate math. It would probably amuse them to know how much I have to do it now... and do it in my head/on paper, no less! Since FFXI takes up the whole computer, I can't use the built-in calculator. I don't mind too much having to do it by hand, except that it potentially leads to mistakes. After I leveled past apple pies, I was looking for something profitable to make. A mistake in math lead me to believe that making pies was very profitable, so I made a stack... the realized that I LOST money on it. Bah.

I leveled thief up to 8 (starting from 1). Boy, thief is great! I love Steal, you get such fun things! And Perfect Dodge is damned handy! It saved my life twice! It's great to be able to actually do damage, too. And get this: I made it to level 8 with NO armor and NO weapon, and not only did I not die even once, I was getting 50/72/100 XP per kill! (Non-FFXIers: That means I was going after strong to very strong monsters, things equal in level to me or above.) I look back on levels 1-8 as a white mage and just shake my head; it's a good thing WHM was my first job, I would have dropped it if I had known how sucky and hard it was to level compared to other things. However, I am going to go get some armor and a weapon before I go out and level again. Money isn't an issue anymore, and it just makes sense to get the stuff. The animation on bare-handed fighting is so great to watch, it's amazing how perfect the body movements are for throwing a punch.

RL: I've decided not to up my walking time any further. I'd have to get up earlier to do that, and I get too little sleep as it is. I'm already meeting or beating the recommended amount of exercise, so I guess it's okay enough. (Since the government/health department standard seems to change week by week, sometimes I meet it and sometimes I beat it by a lot.)

Since I was starving yesterday and didn't have much food at home, I ordered Pizza Hut. GAH! BLECH! What crappy pizza! $20 for a pie I didn't want to take a second bite of! Not only was it greasy as hell, the flavor was just nasty! How do places with such awful food stay in business? Blech!

Stupid LJ spellchecker, it doesn't think "mage" is a word...
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