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FFXI: Cooking and stuff!

A question and a couple observations... and heck, a non-cooking question as well!

I know only a couple people on my flist have reached 50+ in cooking, but for those who have: Does the ease of gaining cooking levels get insanely harder after 52-ish? I cooked crayfish balls until 52, then tried cooking four different food items. Levels: 53, 54, 55, 59. The majority of the food was 55 and 59, and so I had maybe 60/40 successes/failures. I used four stacks of fire crystals and tons of ingredients, totaling about 20,000 gil post-level 52. (My poor crying pockets!) Total skill gain? One single level. Four stacks of crystals, plus a few random other types because I thought it might be some fire crystal-related thing happening. One level. *sob* Did anyone else see that? Or is this some kind of funky thing that just happened to me? I can't pour in 20,000 gil for one level, so I'm pondering stopping cooking (here at 53).

It's amazing how much money I have when I *don't* cook. One day away from it and I'm back up to 50,000 cash. I bought a ton of plants and pots, and so now I'm having oodles of fun gardening! (One plant produced a stack of fire crystals already, which paid for that plant and pot. Woo!)

Assuming the server is back up tonight (it was down all morning), I might go fishing on the ferry tonight. The moon should be new (or close to it), so this might be the time to go... (I need to see how many crayfish balls I have left. Those things sell so well! 700-800/stack!)

The non-cooking question: For the passive abilities (say Treasure Hunter), do they only work if your subjob is at that level? So if I was WHM 20/Thief 10, but alone thief was 20 if it wasn't a subjob, would Treasure Hunter be working? (I suspect not, which will make things harder.) I'm leveling thief up for Treasure Hunter (15) and BLM up for Warp (17?), but the problem is, then I'd have to level WHM up further to keep those subjobs high enough... Why don't I just make them my main jobs for non-partying times? Because I learned something new:

Just having a chocobo license is NOT enough to ride one. You must have a license *and* be level 20 or above! I had to go to Windy for a cooking test, so I figured I'd save some time and teleport as a level 1 job, then grab a bird, ride down, take the test, then go straight out and get killed. No need to deal with renting a house, moving the mog, changing jobs, etc. Bzzt! No go! So there I was, level one in a place where even the wind could kill me. :p Luckily I made it to Windy in one piece.

I got thief nearly up to 10 last night (~600 XP away). Surprisingly, thief/black mage works pretty darned well (when used with food). I know it's not a normal pairing at all, but when I eat apple pies I have enough MP for 7-8 spells: plenty to let me take on tougher mobs than I could otherwise take. Also, I've bought a bow! I used nearly 100 arrows last night (I used them even when not needed for distance, trying to get the skill up). Problem is, I'm getting to the point where I'll need to start partying with thief to raise my levels further. Even hard sheep are giving me only 36/kill. (Though man, I love gil finder and steal! It's so much fun to get extra stuff!) Once I hit 10 with thief, it'll actually be higher than black mage. Odd!

I wish I could go play now. Darned work! :)
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