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Sleepy sleepy, FFXI

Last night was another "can't sleep" night, so I ended up getting like two hours of sleep. Dead tired today. As I can't hardly move, I didn't walk. Pondered trying to sleep during that time, but instead just sat and stared at the wall.

FFXI: I'm loving gardening. I know gardening in a game sounds strange and doesn't sound fun at all, but it is! I have five pots now, each with stuff growing in them. Last night I stayed online late getting the two newest ones (from a different city, since they're cheaper there), and this morning I planted the seeds.

I fished for most of the night last night. I love the ferry! It's so realistic! There's nothing like standing on deck, the rain being driven by the wind, casting your line. The first trip of the night was scary and very deadly: Pirates attacked, so I ran below deck to hide. Usually that would be enough to keep one safe, but somehow during the pirate attack people aggroed not one, but TWO sea monsters (sea monks, IT++ to me) and dragged them below deck! Eek! Luckily I had Sneak on me, and ran out the only remaining door. Everyone else was killed. I hid in the only place left: A dead-end hallway. I kept Sneak and Deodorize on myself the whole time, and the monsters never found me. Right before we docked I came out, and there was not one living person left but me! Luckily all the other trips went really well.

The pirates never came back, and the sea horror never came even once (good!), and for all the trips there were folks looking to kill anything that jumped onto the deck. There were two high level people who kept killing things by me, so I gave them a few stacks of (expensive) bait in thanks. Amusingly, they used it to fish up more monsters to kill! :p

This trip was a learning experience, as well as a chance to catch fish worth a whole lot of money. I brought way, way, way too much bait with me. (8 stacks of bait, plus: 4 stacks of crayfish, 1 stack of gold lobsters, 6 stacks of crystals, 1 stack of water, and the rest filled up with flour -- all so I could make more bait.) I was smart and brought my weapon, my armor (one piece), and my Instant Warp scroll in case I didn't want to deal with running all the way back home through the Death Lands.

The Instant Warp scroll was purchased to be used in some emergency situation (when a party sucked so badly that I had to get out of there NOW), but since I only party with LS people or with two other friends, I haven't needed it and it's just taking up space. So I used it last night and LOVED it! I need to get black mage up to 17 NOW so that I can use it all the time! I swear, it's probably going to make life easier than even getting a chocobo license did! No matter where you are, want to go home? Just warp! No fuss, no muss, no running around, no time wasted. (Though actually, I really need to get BLM to level 20. Then I can set it as my main job and chocobo out someplace and warp back. Oooh, wish I didn't dislike leveling up so much! Can't I get job-levels for crafting? ;) Oh well, guess I'll work on BLM tonight. BLM/WHM should make it somewhat less painful.) Edit: Oops, it's Thursday, the night the LS group usually parties. I'll work on BLM tomorrow or the weekend.
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