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FFXI / The Name Game: HP

* Cooking for skill-up: Go broke a few times in the weekend, end the weekend with less money than you started with.

* Cooking for profit: Start the weekend with 10,000, end the weekend with 100,000 plus 50,000 spent on things for my house! Can you believe it? I made 140,000 in one single weekend of cooking. I'm currently at 103,000 and have no idea what to do with it all. I feel rich! :)

It's been forever since I posted screenshots, so I went through the folder and picked some out for this post:

I don't know when I took this one, but it came out really well. Orc fight! I left it big because it's pretty cool. Most of the others will be much smaller in size.

On Saturday I spent a few hours fishing off the ferry. It was very beautiful. (This is the only other large one.) Unfortunately the Sea Horror showed up on every other trip! Bah. It wasn't until the fifth or sixth time that I noticed that I could stay outside and fish while it was there, so long as I kept Sneak active on me. (I hadn't known that Sneak was 100% effective, I thought it just lowered your chances of being seen/attacked.)

The Sea Horror was indirectly responsible for the afternoon of fishing being a losing-money situation: During one trip, the passengers were Too Damned Stupid to run below deck when the Horror showed up, so they got killed. Five or so people. This nice Japanese guy who had been fishing with me tractored them away and raised them. So what did these idiots do? Go running back to the Horror! One hit from it, and they died again. One idiot posed poking it instead of even trying to hit it! The Japanese guy raised them again... and they did the same exact thing! It was at that point I was cringing for my country like I never have before. (I can't understand why Japanese players don't go insane and kill every American player they find.) None of these idiots thanked him or anything, so I tried to do so through the auto-translator. I also offered him stacks of bait for free, and he accepted them. Here's where the other part of the issue was: Instead of giving him stacks of crayfish balls (bait), I gave him stacks of crayfish by mistake! Arg! Luckily someone on another trip was selling bait in their bazaar, so I bought new for me. Bah. (I never died so didn't need a raise from him, but I was trying to show him that not all English-speakers need to be tossed off the planet.) The mistake made me feel like one of the "too stupid to live Americans". :p

I haven't posted a picture before, so here's me on a chocobo. They're somewhat small, but fast.

I love growing plants, it's just unfortunate that you can (should) only grow ten at a time. Here's half of them. The glow means they're ready to harvest.

I saw a weapon I really, really want, but I'll never be able to get. Treat Staff, what must be a Japanese-only item from the Halloween before last. (Link goes to info, not a screenshot.) "Latent effect: Warp" *drool*

The Name Game! There are lots and lots of odd, stupid, funny, and ironic names out there, so I've been collecting them. I'd like to see these two meet! I have a few other Harry Potter-related ones for another day.

Though I had intended to spend the weekend leveling BLM up, I only went out once. Went from 10 -> 11, but that's it. Bah.
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