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"Don't stand so, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me" o/~

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Heehee, I suppose that's true, huh?

Anyway, hi everyone! Yay four day week! Yay vacation next week! Yay losing blood this morning!, wait, not yay. Well, yay for getting the June bloodtest out of the way now! Yay!

I'm in a highly perky mood, and I suspect it's from a serious lack of sleep. On FFXI, my LS went out and partied last night, and we ran a little late. (But it was way fun and we all leveled up! Some people twice! Woo!) I was exhausted when I logged off, so I went straight to bed... and was suddenly wide awake. It made no sense at all! While at my desk I was too tired to walk to the bed, but once I was in it I suddenly wanted to get back up and log on and play more! I only got a couple hours of sleep, but I feel bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy!

It's so much fun to party with people you know! People you can trust. People who won't do something stupid and get you killed or curse you out for making a mistake. Plus, the headsets/talking real-time is extra spiffy and fun.

I ended up with two new levels in black mage, just four more to go until I can get Warp! Woo! Black mage is sort of a funny job. I like it better than white when I'm soloing, but as part of a party it makes me highly twitchy not to do white mage stuff. Instead of nuking things last night, I kept watching everyone's HP and healing! Part of it was that I thought I was over-nuking and getting too much hate (orcs kept coming after me), but part of it was WHM instinct. Hee. . o O ( My party! They won't die on MY watch! I'll take care of them! )

---End FFXI stuff---

Oh, this wasn't supposed to be a FFXI post. Hee. I just sort of fall back into that by default. So yeah, I got my blood drawn again today. While it's not painful or anything, I hate it. They have to take it out of my hand instead of my elbow, but more than that, I always get a crick in my neck because I look as far away from the blood-drawing as I can. Heh. I don't want to see /any/ blood, let alone my own!

The anime con is this weekend, and I have no idea what it'll be like. I'm going to pick up my tickets on Thursday night after work, then I'll probably wander over sometime on Friday to check things out. While I have tickets for Friday through Monday, I doubt I'll go more than one or two days. Probably one, but maybe two. We'll see.

After eating no sugar for a few months, and after last month's "intense no sugar" (not even things like juice or peanut butter), now I can go back to them... but oddly, I don't feel like it. I did drink some juice this morning (since it came with my breakfast sandwich), but while I thought I was going to dive head-first into a pool of chocolate, I'm not craving candy/sugar/chocolate at all... Very strange. I'm of two minds on what to do next:

1) I can have sweets now (though in limited amounts, since I still want to lose weight), so I should! Have some! Have a little every day! Chocolate makes life good!

2) Since I'm apparently adjusted to no sugar/chocolate/whatever, don't ruin it! Don't have a little and regain the taste for them! Stick with a good thing and avoid them!

Sometimes I get depressed at how little joy there is in eating (no meat, no sweets, no fried stuff... what's left? Graze on grass clippings?), but usually I'm not and it is better for me, so...
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