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Exhausted, starving, and busy... but happy!

Less than four hours of sleep a night, three nights in a row.

Had only some noodles for dinner, and was starving even early last night.

Too much to do at work.

But still! I won the afghan on fan_the_vote! Just sending my money into the Kerry campaign made me feel lots better. I'm still tired and starving, but happy!

Tonight I'll take (over the counter) drugs for sure. I already dug out the bottle and stuck it next to my keyboard so I can't miss/forget/skip it. I can't deal with this little sleep, it makes me wish for sweet, sweet death. (Death is like sleep, right? Right? So it can't be that bad!)


LJ is really fun! I love the energy the HP fandom has with the upcoming movie. Maybe it's not as much excitement as when OotP came out, but still! Everyone's talking about it and posting stuff and it's great!

I'm reading lebateleur's The Liar and the Auror. Her grown-up, confident Harry is actually sexy! (I'd never have thought I'd say that of Harry.) I read part one yesterday and I'm dying to read the rest, but I have tons of work to do first. Bah! (So I better go run and do it so I can read later!)
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