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I've not posted in two or three days, I can do it once more!

I never stay up this late, so for me Adult Swim may as well not exist. But wow! It's good! Since when was FLCL dubbed? And why does it make so much more sense in English? (Or is it that I tried watching it as my first or second ever anime series, and now I have more experience so I get it more?) I'm actually enjoying it this time! Wish I hadn't deleted my copy of it.

Heehee. FLCL is actually funny! Yes, I think it must be the now-more-experienced thing, I can recognize the jokes in it!

I see Trigun is on at 1:30, though there's no way I'll still be watching TV at that point. (Think how many more LJ posts I'd make if I did stay up that late! Hee!) Big O is on next. I've heard the name around here and there, but I have no idea what it's about.

I'm tired and hyper at the same time. That's such a weird combination!

I caught up with my flist, but I'm too tired to deal with resizing things in Photoshop, so no screenshots tonight. I'm off all next week, so ...heehee, I love FLCL! Hee! I'm sure eventually they'll get posted.

Still hungry. Mmmm, might go out and get food tomorrow morning. Mmm.
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