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FFXI: Crafting, other.

Since fishing had stalled out for me (at least until yesterday), and I'm not going to level cooking further, I needed a new craft to take on. I had dabbled in leatherwork and enjoyed it, so I decided to go with that.

World: Ha ha ha! Thistle, you fool! You poor, poor, fool!

Poor, literally! Even in the very lowest levels, leathercrafting is way, way more expensive than even leveling one level of cooking in the 50s. I spend more than 10,000 per level in it, *including* the very lowest levels. 10,000 to get to 1. 10,000 to get to 2... Gah. Then I realized that those in fact were the cheap levels! I just hit level 8, and I'm spending way, way more than 10,000. I'd estimate... hm. probably 40,000 for rising from 7 to 8. By the looks of it, it'll only keep getting more expensive. *sob*

Is there a market for the stuff you produce? Sure. But will you get anywhere near your money back? No way in hell.

Crystals (wind, 1 stack): 1,500
Sheep leather (need 3 stacks, 7,500 each): 22,500
Bronze scales (stack): 500
Total cost: 24,500.

If every attempt succeeds (ha), that makes 12 pairs of leather highboots, each of which sell for 300. Total sold for, if all succeed: 3,600.

However! I'm very close to being able to make the first piece of fishing wear, and from there there are even more useful things. All the fishing stuff, chocobo riding stuff (which I'd never buy for myself, but if I make it? Woo!), and other good things.

I know most of my LS and non-LS friends have the fishing stuff they need, but once I reach high enough level, I'll make it for anyone who is lacking stuff. Same goes for the chocobo riding things. Yay!


Fishing: I found out what Bastok got in exchange for looks -- great fishing! Amazing fishing! Better fishing than I have ever experienced.

Fishing for Giant Catfish in Sandy: A 5-10% bite rate, even fewer caught. Took literally months to get a few levels.

Fishing in Bastok for an assortment of things: 85-90% bite rate, many caught. In one day, got two levels! Amazing. Totally amazing.

I would have stayed in Bastok and fished today, except leatherworking made me poor. I returned to Sandy last night and cooked all day today. Made about 80,000 gill, did leatherworking for a half hour and gained 1.5 levels, spending all that money I had just earned. Heh...


I wish logs were easier to take, but here are a couple clips. One is for me, one is for people who don't play.

This made me smile lots. Paged to me during one of my bait-selling runs:

This one I took for non-players. The game started in Japan, and half (or the majority?) of players are Japanese. One paged me, and of course I had no idea what they said:

The game has a built-in (and very very limited and poory working) translator, so with it I asked the person to say it in English. (The colors around the word means it went through the translator.) I hadn't expected a reply (since my name is an English word, I figured if they knew English they'd start with it to begin with), but the person did reply back! As far as I can find, the translator doesn't have the word 'sorry' in it, so I memorized it a while ago. It does know 'fishing' however, which is odd, so I used it.

One day I'll accept a Japanese invite, I'd really like to work with an all-Japansese party and see how it goes.
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