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I'm alive!

I don't remember the last time I posted. Saturday night, I guess? Being on vacation makes me lose track of the days. (It's the 31st, right?)

I've been doing... stuff. Yesterday I did something and today I did more things. Let's see, yesterday it was car stuff (smog inspection, oil change, tire rotation), then lunch and general wandering. Today it was mucho shopping, lunch, then more shopping. Usually I dislike going shopping, but since most productive people are at work right now, it's somewhat better. There was a pack of under 5 year old boys at lunch, and half of them were crying/screaming the whole time, which was annoying. I considered throwing a fork at them, but I figured that might make them cry more.

On that note, I'm strongly pondering going to see PoA sometime this weekend. Maybe I won't mind the crowd so much, since it'll likely be other fans. Donno when or if for sure, but I really want to see it.

LJ flist was at skip=650 today. That's too much for too few days! It's "only" at 400 back now, and I have an hour until I need to get back online, so I should be able to knock another 200 out.

I really want to read all of mctabby's Summary Suckathon stories (the few I read were great!), but not tonight. I got 'em bookmarked for later though.

I watched FMA... uh, 33? (this week's) today, as well as the (old) PoT chibi ep. While the chibi ep was really funny at first, I wish they had used a different idea for the second half of the ep. Even without knowing what they were saying, the idea got old for me by the second half. I haven't caught up on the other stuff yet (all this season's series eps), and I realized that the only storylines I really care about are FMA and Naruto. Odd. I think I'll stop downloading stuff, since it's just sitting around.

Oh, I guess I should mention FFXI. Playing it muchly. Got leathercraft up to 12. (Oh my god, I'm so poor! I used to laugh at people who begged and danced for a gil or two, now I want to do it!) I'm just reaching things which are profitable to make, so yay! Seriously, I must have spent nearly 200,000 getting here though... The pain, the pain! The second I make money from cooking, it goes right into buying stuff for leatherwork.

(I have good screenshots to post! I'll get them up someday, I promise! I even have one I can blackmail loneguardian with! Heh heh heh.)

Back to flist reading!

PS: I hate this no-carb fad even more now than I did before. Idiot Atkins is running a new set of ads: Do Atkins and you'll get a girlfriend! Give up carbs and you'll get a cute dog! Eat only meat and you'll move into a much better house! Not to mention, every damned idiot store and their brother is now selling no-carb crap. Oh well, I guess the stores aren't the idiots, they're just taking advantage of people who think they can eat low carb candy and still lose weight. Stupid people. Stupid herd humans. This fad won't be over soon enough for me. (Heh, the next one might be worse. Eat only toenail clippings and lose weight! The New 2004 Catfood Diet! The Egg-Licking Diet!)

I'm not really grumpy, honest! :)
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