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Screenshots, getcha screenshots here!

I bought a ticket to PoA tomorrow at 10:45 AM! Woo! The hope is that some of the older kids will still be in school, and it's early enough that people won't be up and going yet. We'll see. Either way, yay!

My stomach really hurts, really really hurts. I hope I'm not getting sick or something.


I can't remember who I was talking to about this, but an airship pass is 500,000 if you want to buy it before rank 5. It was offered in Jeuno, in the same place that sells the maps. 500,000 is actually do-able, if painful. Not that I'm considering it, being broke and all. (I did make fisherman boots today though! Seven pairs of them without one failure! Level 20 leathercrafting! (I'm 15.) Woo! Soon I'll stop being broke and start making money off all this.)

(Screenshots cut.)

I finally had time to edit and upload all the screenshots, and damned Catlove goes down. Sigh. I so need a new host. I'll post the links at some other time.
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