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Screenshots, try two!

Catlove appears to be back, so here we go! Sorry if it goes down again.


Screenshots! Lots and lots of them! In no special order.

Sunrise over Bastok (Full-sized image.) The first time I saw the city as pretty, though the saved image isn't quite as nice as the actual image I saw in-game. Still pretty!

Moonset over Bastok ocean - I was fishing and watched the moon set. Very nice! (Full sized.)

Blackmail! So just who is he, Aurian? He's mighty close to you, isn't he? Hee hee hee. ;)

Sunset, ocean, boat. A pretty and small image taken while fishing off the ferry.

Sunrise at the crag. I reduced the size of the image, alas. Still pretty! Small and pretty.

Unafraid hares. While digging on chocobo-back, a hare kept getting in the way.

Attention, class! Sometime back I was farming outside Windy, and noticed how cute this was. It looks like I'm teaching them, not about to kill them all.

Close up of my students. They're too cute to kill, I tell ya! ...oops, I did anyway.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... A saber-toothed tiger wanders through the forest at dawn. (Full sized image.)

Toot toot! Here comes the Death Express! One day I needed to get home fast, so I went and looked for something to kill me. Oh, I think this will do the trick! (Look at that evil light in its eyes!)

All aboard! Why yes, this does appear to be killing me. What a great shot of my death! Check out my shadow, too. *cringe*

Who says all elves are gay? Kiss! Kiss! C'mon, you know you want to.

I love it when names fit the characters! (He's a dark knight.)

I love it when names fit the characters! That red question mark means that this winner is a newbie. I know that'll come as a surprise...

For Hyper! I had to get a second mule character. I picked another catgirl because I figured that they would attract the most attention (good for bazaars). I named her just for peppygrowlithe. Hee.

Rainbow over the crag Doesn't this shot belong on a postcard or cover of a magazine? (Rainbows form when someone becomes a summoner, they're not natural weather things.)

For PokeMUSH people. Gah! How dare he! I was very offended when I saw him. (His name is the uppermost one, he was standing in a crowd.)

Three-headed chocobo! Hee, this amuses me. It looks almost real! (We were using /autofollow, which does funky things when the leader stops.)

Wow, just wow... I don't remember where this is, but wow! Sunrise over a waterfall. (Full sized.)
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