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One more! (FFXI and HP, all mixed up!)

Though I need to sleep, I'm all hyper. (Yay movie tomorrow! And yay, I hit 25 in FFXI! I can now raise people after they die! That's been my goal since I started playing!)

But! The reason for this post is a screenshot! (Teeheehee!) I've mentioned our static LS party being mostly female, right? I'll have you know that we take good care of each other during the downtime between fights! That's an important thing! As proof, I'd like to offer this screenshot of a breast exam in progress. (I don't go looking for these shots on purpose! Honest! Sorry guys! :) Heeheehee.)

Yay, movie tomorrow! There's so much I can't wait to see! But also, I can't wait until after I see it so I can go back and read all the posts from people who saw it already!

Zzz. Must bed now! (Bouncy, bouncy!)
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