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Samurai Champloo (Anime)

Okay, I spoke too soon. I had said that I wasn't in love with any of the new season anime, but that was before I tried Samurai Champloo!

Since it was supposed to be Cowboy Bebop-esque, I had been intending to totally skip it, but someone had said good things about it so I figured I'd check out the first ep and see what it was like.

It's a really, really, really odd series, but I like it. (Like? Like? Too mild! Want more now now now!) Strange stuff keeps happening (like a flash to the current world when the series is set in ancient Japan, I think it was a "mistake"), but I love the characters and the music and the voice acting in it! The art style is pretty nice as well (though not OMG! *drool!*drool!*). But the characters! Have I mentioned the characters? I'm in love! And so are they! (In only the first ep, one dreamed about the other being naked! Hee!)

I have to re-download the first ep, because the one I had (by some group called Anime-Kraze) sucked. It crashed WMP over and over, finally forcing me to watch it in another player, but even then the quality was really bad.

Surprisingly, the series is licensed already! With only two eps out! I hope there'll be at least one group of good subbers left doing it...

Hunter X Hunter: Somehow a new ep got released without me knowing it! I watched #7 of the third OVA this morning, and discovered my love for the series again. The only problem is that one ep is way too short! And worse than that, there's only one more ep till the end of the OVA, then who knows when we'll get more!

I can't believe how many unwatched eps I have downloaded. I'm going to try to get through more of them today. (I go back to work tomorrow, and so after today I'll be doomed to never catch up.)
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