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Movin', movin', keep those wagons movin' (FFXI)

For the first time in a while, I had fun in FFXI last night. Our LS party (I guess we can be called a static party now?) got together and killed giants and stuff last night. You would think that leveling up in a party would be more boring than leveling up solo (in a party you tend to play only one role, as opposed to doing everything yourself when soloing), but my group is fun, plus I think the headsets help. Also, I find that getting stuff makes a big difference (last week the beastmen were in control of the area we level in, so we got no crystals. This week we were getting up to five crystals per fight!). Even if it's things that are really cheap (earth crystals), somehow they make things lots better.

Oh happy day, oh happy day! We're finally leaving Qufim Isle! I had nothing against the monsters there, and the setting was pretty, I just hated its location. Keeping myself bound to Jeuno made life really hard, but resetting my home elsewhere and then needing to chocobo to Jeuno every time we partied would have been worse. Now we're going to move to... uh, some maze near Tahrongi Canyon (forgot its name), so I can bind in Windy! Having my homepoint set to somewhere non-Jeuno means I can go back to solo leveling; death (and thus an unwilling trip back to Jeuno) made it too costly to do that the last couple weeks. My subjob needs work (I'm not behind with it yet, but after tonight's partying I may be), plus I have more levels to get with Thief, plus once I hit 30 and can get a subjob I'll need to level that (Beastmaster! Beastmaster! Beastmaster!).

Maybe this weekend I'll deal with the Bastok (mining/sand/whatever) part of the quest for rank 3. I'm making a total guess here, but I'm suspecting that my low rank may be hurting my fame. I got neither the third cooking quest in Mhaura nor the offer of the third bag upgrade in Jeuno. (The fame guy in Jeuno says 'everyone knows your name', so I believe that should be high enough.) I've handed in 30 or 40 stacks of cabbages to the Selbina NPC, and my fame in Sandy is really high ('everyone knows your name and no one says bad stuff about you'). Something funky is going on...

Sometimes I feel a little slow: After getting the first mog safe expansion, I kept the bed in my house. Why? It's not like I can use it or anything... so yesterday I sold it. Then I realized something: I can buy the next bed and get the next expansion, then just turn around and sell it, thus get my money back! So I invested in the next one (50,000 -- every cent to my name!) and now I'm waiting for the quest. Once it's finished, the darned bed will be sold and I'll have money again. I think I may take the picture off my wall and sell that, too. Its element doesn't help anything, and while it's sort of cool to look at, I can't do anything with it. (It's sad, I bought these things when I had more money then I knew what to do with, and now my gardening is suffering because I don't have enough money to buy seeds! Must Stop Leatherworking. Fishing and cooking make money. Leatherworking makes Thistle poor. ...but it's cool! So few people do it! When I craft near people, *everyone* checks me and asks me to make stuff for them! One guy even asked me to make a whole set of stuff for him!)
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