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I've been getting these odd headaches lately. Hurts right at the hairline on my forehead, around my eyes, and the back of my neck. Looking at anything hurts, but especially doing things like reading. Hurts to turn my head back and forth. I took three doses of aspirin since waking up about five hours ago, but it still hurts. Had food and caffeine as well, but nothing's making it go away. I don't think it's a sinus headache, even though I do have pain under my eyes as well. Bah.

kuruma, kuruma, I love kuruma! She made me a picture with Jecht-footies in it! Dontcha just want to kiss those little toeses? (Ack! It's making me talk silly! Footise, toeses! Heehee.)

Other than assorted MUSH work, I'm just going to hang out today. It's not that cold out, and I have the heat up to 72, but I'm still chilly. If my headache goes away I want to clean my apartment some, but if I don't then I don't.

Edited to add: I've been doing some research. Maybe it is a sinus headache. I found and set up my humidifier, since the air in here is so ultra-dry. Crossing my fingers...

Edit #2: Moments later and I'm feeling better. Not perfect, but fine and dandy enough. Amazing.
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