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You're getting sleepy... sleepy... sleepy...


Situation: You've gotten 4-5 hours of sleep for five nights in a row. It's bedtime. What do you do?

Thistle's reply: Stay up extra super-duper late!

It seemed like a good idea at the time. :p

I'm so so so tired now. The morning is just totally dragging. I've only been here less than three hours, but it feels like weeks. Zzzz.


FFXI was fun. We partied last night and we're doing it again tonight. (We even slept in the dungeon so we'd not have to travel tonight!) While the actual fights don't seem too much harder, the setting and prey selection is more challenging: We're fighting goblins, so often when we're fighting one another will join in. Whee!

I think Marten is joining us tonight? (Non-LS folks: This race to get us into our upper twenties was so that we could catch up with him and he wouldn't be forced to level with non-LS people.)

I got a key, so if a chest pops tonight I'll have a chance for a piece of RSE! (Non-players: a special and rare piece of armor for my race.) While that would mean a trip back to hated Jeuno, it'd be totally worth it.

Oh boy, I think I'm too tired to write more. Or rather, write more that makes sense. I've typed and typed and typed, but then I have to delete it all because it just wanders pointlessly. So poof! The end!
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