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It's time for the Weekend Update with Thistle-Chaser!

On Saturday I finished OotP. This is my fifth reading of it, and I think I liked it the most this time. I far from loved it, but I liked it enough to stay up late reading it two nights. I've disliked Harry a lot in every reading, but I can't say he's not a typical teenager who has had problems in his past (plenty of reason right there not to like how he acts!).

In every previous reading, I didn't believe that Harry could have really forgotten that Snape was in the Order, but in this reading I got a different angle on it: Even if he had remembered, I wonder if he would have gone to him. He knew that Snape and Black hated each other, and in the past Snape had stood in the way of Harry doing good things (blocking his way into Dumbledore's office), so why would he think that Snape would help save Black's life?

This reading also deepened my hatred of Sirius and James. No offense to anyone into them, but my god. What awful people. My stomach turned at the scenes involving them at school; what horrible, horrible things they did. And Black in the current time? He makes me curl my lip, roll my eyes, and makes me take refuge in the knowledge that he's now dead. (Dead! Dead! Ha ha! He's dead! Good!)

I do believe he's dead, by the way. Lupin seemed to know what the curtain was, and was positive Black was gone. (And perhaps because of the PoA movie, I was really picking up on the Lupin/Sirius vibes).

Diet/exercise: Luckily/surprisingly, I found it wasn't hard to go back off sugar again. (I guess since I didn't have a hard time dropping it the first time, that makes sense.) I didn't have anything all week... then when the weekend came I did. It wasn't from cravings or anything, it was just "it was there" and so I had it, for lack of other food. I need to 1) Get it all out of the apartment, and 2) Make sure I always have other food to eat.

Walking is going fine. I skipped some days last week for personal reasons, but I'll be back to doing it every day this week. While I don't like walking (hate it! It's boring!), I like how I feel afterwards and the results of it (able to walk more, not so much weight loss. That's going slow.)

Weight-wise, I haven't recovered from my "eat anything! You're on vacation!" week. I gained three pounds from that (ugh), and lost one last week, so two more before I'm even again. Ugh.

FFXI: I spent much of the weekend playing, and made some progress on things. On Saturday I confirmed a truth: Money does in fact mean fame! Though I started out doing quests and stuff the normal way (the way a new player would do them), that was taking way too long with little progress, so I switched to the fast way: Put all your money into items NPCs request, then just keep handing them in. Boom! In an hour, I made three levels of fame. I was broke, but had lots of fame!

During and after the fame stuff on Saturday, I worked on leveling thief up. About ten hours (between the two things) and I made one single level. Heh. On the other hand, I made a good amount of money back and I didn't end the day broke. That's level 11 on thief, and I want to get at least to 15. 25 would be better, but that'll be a challenge. (Though I was thinking: Since I'm not really into more than one or two advanced jobs, I'll have time to continue to work on these basic ones.)

On Sunday I spent hours and hours and hours standing around and waiting. Ah, FFXI! The only game that can make you do that!

Me: *runs up to NPC* Hi, can I have the next quest?
NPC: *gives quest*
Me: *does it* Hi, can I have the next one?
NPC: Come back in 2-3 days. (A game day = a RL hour.)
Me: *grump* *stands around*
...hours pass...
Me: Hi! Can I have the next quest?
NPC: Here, take this and go there. Give it to him, bring back what he gives you.
Me: *runs off to NPC2, gives item*
NPC2: I'll be done in a couple days, come back then.
Me: *grump* *stands around*

However, at least it's done now! Yay! (This is what I needed the fame for, so that they'd give me the rest of the quests in the series.) Could I have done other things in the area while waiting those hours? Not really. I could have fished (boring), I could have rode the ferry back and forth (which I did, raising many people during the day), and that's about it. The wild areas were too low level for me to go out and fight in. I could have left the whole area and come back on another day to continue the quest series, but that would have been a pain and I wanted to finish it now.

By the time I was done with all that, it was about 9 PM. I went out as black mage and tried to level for a while, with seriously limited results. (Black mage is little better than white mage to solo with, once you reach your teens.) I started at level 13 and gained only about a thousand XP, so I ended the night still within 13. My goal for now is to get it to 15 (warp!), though 14 is a shorter term goal (so it stays up to date as my subjob).

And now to catch up on 300+ flist posts from the weekend! :)
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