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Oh! Oh! Oh! (FFXI)

There's just so much new and cool stuff out there in the game, sometimes I forget something I spot and love and want to try myself. The weekend before last, while riding on the ferry, I spotted someone using a gun! A gun! I knew they were available, but in all my time of playing I never saw one in use!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! That was the best looking thing ever! They're not cost effective at all (compared to a bow or crossbow), but the coolness factor! How eeeeee!

I have to remember to look for them tonight when I log on. In the limited checking I did now, only three jobs can use them, but thief was one of them! So I can try them! How totally cool!

(And just think how great you'd look if you wore the sunglasses while using a gun! *dies*)
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