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Protect your nuts from me!

Okay, this is funny. Stolen from rushlight75, it's my obituary!

We regret to announce the untimely death of Thistle-Chaser, who on the 3rd of December of this year was accidentally cannibalized by a large rabid squirrel. This unfortunate incident occurred in an anthill at Camp Fusketotulee. The deceased was reported to have shouted "I should have listened to my horoscope!" just before expiring. Thistle-Chaser is survived by a bunch of cats, who could really care less. Funeral services will be held the 19th of next month.

Get your own obituary here!

One little question about that: If I was cannibalized by a squirrel, doesn't that mean that I was a squirrel as well? (The things you learn from memes!) The part about the cats made me giggle though. (Other than that I think they mean couldn't care less.) ...okay, amusing meme with some errors in it.

(Sorry for all the posts today. I appear to be chatty and hyper.)
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