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Wow, my brain *does* still work!

A few years ago here at work, I was trained to use a tool (one that permits you to write functions and formulas to search databases). After that, I never had to use it, not even once. Two or three years later, and someone came and asked me to use it today. Eek! After all this time, I was as good as untrained! In under two hours, I re-learned enough to muddle through and whipped up a little thingie to pull out the info this person needed.

And if that's not good enough, I did it on four hours sleep!

Yep, wise ol' me stayed up extra extra late last night, resulting in under four hours of sleep. I have no idea how I'm functioning today, other than through the power of breakfast and Diet Coke. ("The power of Diet Coke compels me!") It was lots of fun though! And here this post slips into:

FFXI: Well now! Last night sure was new and interesting. The timing is funny, as just yesterday afternoon I was running around and thinking what a pro I was becoming at the whole game, how I knew "everything" and now I could help out people and such.

Our LS people got together to form a party, though the jobs we were playing weren't our usual ones. I went out as a thief (woo!), and had the fun time of (turn-my-brain-off) just hitting monsters. Admittedly at first I had a really hard time not watching the party's HP bars, and I felt much like a back-seat white mage, but (though new) the person playing that role did really well! Soon I was only keeping casual attention on the HPs.

Once we got too strong for that area and had to move to a new one, things changed. (Non-players: In parties, the majority of people have a certain role. Black mages nuke, white mages heal, tanks (which can be a variety of jobs) take the damage, and pullers run out and get monsters to chase them back to the party.) Since I was a thief (and had a bow), I became the puller. I've never done that before, but it was interesting.

Though I need more practice at it, I liked the actual function of pulling: the running out, picking a monster, shooting it, and getting it to chase me back to the waiting party. (Though man, I have much more respect for people who can do it without getting hit on the way back! That could become a dangerous situation!) There were a couple of things I didn't like about it, most of which would probably get better with practice:

1) Our communication was off or I wasn't listening/watching for the right "go pull now!" signals.

2) Dealing with non-pulling, non-fighting stuff. Just the day before yesterday, I was reading a debate about lotting for treasure. (Non-players: That's just a way that treasure is randomly passed out. Sort of like rolling for it, but you have to click a button to lot for any item you want.) People who pulled were anti-lotting, claiming that they didn't have time to do it. Everyone else (myself included) scoffed at that. It takes what, five? ten? seconds to lot, how could you not have time for that? But it's true. As I took a couple seconds to click each item to lot, I was being told to run out and pull. Next I tried to lot while the actual fight was going on, but even then (rightly so) I had more important things to deal with.

However, even if I remained a puller for the rest of my time on the game, I wouldn't become anti-lotting. I don't like the other system, I like everyone having a fair chance at stuff. I just need to work out how to fit it in...

So everything was fun last night, and it was exciting to be doing something new. (Plus I got lots of loot! Woot! Loot!) Sleep suffered badly (I logged off an hour and a half later than usual, then couldn't fall asleep for an hour or two after that), but it was lots of fun and I'm glad I decided to stay late.

Money has become an interesting issue: Lots of stuff at the auction house sold, so after being broke yesterday, this morning I found myself with about 65,000. Interesting. So the question is: Do I pour it into leathercrafting or save until I have 100,000 and get the final bed for the last safe-expanding quest? While I want the biggest safe, the answer should probably be leathercrafting. My mules are getting empty -- I need to send them stuff to sell. That means I should probably make more stuff to send them. Hmmm.
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