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An anime-licious day (and night)!

I've seen more anime in the last 24 hours than I had in the whole month before it, though not all of it was on purpose.

Last night Tivo decided I needed to record something on the Tech TV channel, and after it was over I was busy and not paying attention, so left that channel on. Apparently Tech TV shows a lot of anime! Last Exile was on (I have a copy of that burned, but never watched it). It was dubbed and I didn't like the voices much, but as with the last couple times I tried to watch it, the story seemed okay. Not hook-me level, but fine for watching if I catch it again. Then that Lain series came on, but I tried (unseccessfully) to ignore it. Every time I see that darned series, I hate it more and more.

Eventually Tivo switched my TV to the Cartoon Network (I was busy with FFXI and not paying much attention to it), and we got more anime! It started with Inuyasha (which I like, even though I don't follow it and know little of the storyline), then Wolf's Rain (UGH UGH UGH, KILL ME NOW! Die die die!), then Witch Hunter Robin. I really liked WHR, though I tried not to let myself like it. I seem to remember the end of the series being so sucky I hated myself for spending the time to watch it... but I loved the music and the anime style! Plus last night's ep was the one that went into Michael's background and how he got the collar, so I couldn't not like it. :)

I think Trigun came on after that, but I went to bed (Tivo recorded it for me though). I'd really like to get into Trigun, since I had tried it once before and failed. (I think I deleted the eps, though I may have burned them first...)

I decided today I would try to catch up with my backload of stuff I have saved to watch:

Naruto: I watched two of the four eps I have waiting, 86 and 85. Once again, I'm left scratching my head at people who compare this series to things like Dragonball Z. Have they watched Naruto before trying to compare it to something? It's amazing how one ep can make me laugh loudly one second, then gasp at the seriousness of a situation in the next second. (Naruto in the Gai-green jumpsuit! Heeheehee! *dies*)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Uhhh. Dudes? A filler ep? Now? Are you kidding me? What the hell was that about? And why, oh why, if you needed a filler ep, didn't you do something with Mustang? We've not seen him in ages, and he's the best character in the whole series! But hell, why a filler ep at all? There's tons of story left, and few eps. Please stop smoking crack before you plan these out. Please. No more filler!

Hunter x Hunter 8: I would really, really like to pick up on some Gon/Killua slashy vibes, they're so darned friendly and close and they'd make a perfect couple, but I don't see it... at least not going both ways. I'm starting to get the feeling that if it's already happening (or when it starts) it'll be from Killua to Gon at first. Watching 8, it seemed like there wasn't anything Killua wouldn't do for Gon, and he'd go through any amount of pain for him (as we saw). It's interesting to watch the body language, too. Killua watching Gon and standing back and all that. Mmm. Gon's father was an interesting fellow, too! And I liked the Razor-background as well. Hell, the whole Greed Island thing was a really great idea.

Other than the two waiting Naruto eps, I'm nearly caught up with the old series I had been following. (I just have two Twin Spica and two Kino no Tabi eps to watch -- though I'm suspecting that I'm behind in downloading newly subbed eps so there might be more.) I still have 2-4 eps from five series from this new anime season, but if I ever catch up with them it won't be today.

I noticed something odd last night: When I watch anime, I no longer think "anime". I mean, when I first started watching it, the anime-style kept beating me over the head. It looked foreign, "not right", and I couldn't help but see all the differences between it and Western style. Last night I realized that not only was I not seeing the differences at all, I was having a hard time even spotting them when looking for them! Big eyes? Funky noses? Odd hair? It just looked like normal animation to me...

Anyway, back to watching!
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