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Way, way too early to work

Today they're paving the street I live on, so supposedly it was being closed at 7 AM. While I need more sleep instead of less, I got up extra early and was ready to go by 7. (I start work at 8 and it takes me 10 minutes to get here.) At 7 AM... nothing. Cars still parked on the street, no trucks, nothing. I went back inside and did stuff till 7:15, then left for work. Still no trucks, still cars parked on the street. (Why the heck is it assumed that people won't be ready on time instead of assuming that they will be? They said the street closed at 7 AM! I was ready at 7! Why give a break to idiots who couldn't be ready on time? Grrr.)

So I got to work more than a half-hour early and started on the whole group's work. This is good, as idiot co-worker is late. Again. After taking three "emergency" half-days last week. Bah.

No more grumping! Let's talk about FFXI!

We (the LS group) got a ton of stuff done this weekend. Two big tasks were finished: All of us who were missing keys (to unlock a new area of the map) got them. That was a number of hours of time running around killing monsters, hoping that they'd drop the keys. This is more of a challenge than it sounds, as lots of other people/parties are killing the same monsters for the keys. Eventually we got all three for everyone, so woo!

The bigger (to me) thing was Sunday night: We battled a dragon! Woo! And now I'm rank 3! Yay!

Non-players: There are different things in the game to measure the progress you've made. Level is the most obvious one, but there's also fame (how well known you are; things like NPC quests and prices are based off it), and rank (which is sort of a meta-level thing). To gain rank, you have to complete tasks. Once you've completed enough, there's a bigger one which acts sort of like a test to get your next rank. Rank and level are things other players can see, and thus you're judged on them.

The dragon fight had some great parts and some really awful parts:

The great was the fight itself. I was so on-edge that it felt like it lasted only 30 seconds! (In truth it was almost five minutes.) I can only remember two things from the fight itself: One of my Cure II macros not firing, and the other was at the end I tried to Slow the dragon but the macro wouldn't work. I hit it again and again but it still didn't work... then I realized that it was because the dragon was already dead. Heh. One of the people there recorded the fight, so I can't wait to watch the video of it! Eee!

The bad was the same thing that's bad about the game in general: The other people. (We had to stand around for 30 minutes waiting for our turn to fight.) Ignoring the thousands of times I saw "lol" and "lolz" (*twitch*), I didn't see one person outside of my own group who could spell, type, or had a clue about basic grammar. Worse than that was their attitudes: They attacked our group, called one of our members a "noob" and told him to "STFU" and crap like that, told us we'd all die, etc. Grrrr. Idiots. (This is why I avoid partying with people outside my LS/friends list on the game: I would be working with people just like this!)

I'm really twitchy this morning: Because of the street closing thing, I couldn't log onto the game and check my AH sales. (I usually cycle through all three characters in the morning and restock the AH as needed.) Not only that, I won't even be able to go home at lunch and check! And the street will be closed until an hour after work (supposedly), so I won't even get home on time! So much money will be lost over this stupid street paving thing! (Wait, are my priorities a little off? :) )
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