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Fan_the_vote, $100 for a perky blonde cheerleader of my very own, PMK

(Other stuff above the line, anime below it.)

While LJ's suckiness is preventing me from hunting for the link to the original post, the Slytherin-colored knit blanket I "won" (won by donating money to Kerry's campaign) on fan_the_vote is now finished and on its way to me! Woo woo! I can't wait to get it!

In very related news, a very perky, cute blonde teenage girl came to my door asking for donations to the Democratic National Committee. I would have donated even if it had been a person with no limbs and no face, but having a cheerleader-type bounce around as she talked to me was fun. It made me wonder something though: Do they try to send out only attractive folks? Knowing human nature, I'd think that pretty girls would get more donations than 600 pound elderly men, but how in the world would they tell the less attractive people they can't go out? (Unless these people are just hired and they don't really care about the cause...)

Very belatedly, I wondered if that was a scam. She wanted the check made out to "DNC", which could stand for other things as well. She knew a lot though (like that Kerry's ability to accept donations would end in a couple of weeks), so hopefully it was real. (I believe she asked for a check straight off the bat, not cash, so I suppose that's another hint it might not be a scam.) I did ask for a receipt, but it's just a letter of thanks with the date/amount written in by her -- anyone with a computer and color printer could make it.


While I tried to work my way through the backlog of downloaded new anime series, I gave up after two eps. If I'm forcing myself to watch it, I'm not enjoying it. I may as well drop the things I'm not itching to watch. (Midori no Hibi in this case. Gantz I'm not deleting just yet, but not trying to force myself to watch more.)

In the place of the new series, I went back and started watching Peacemaker Kurogane again! Eeek! Ack! Oh! They spoiled the entire last couple eps in the very first seconds of ep one! But no one watching it would have had any idea it was all spoilers! They showed scenes from the final fight! They showed Suzu knowing his master was going to die! All this in the very first ep, and we had no idea it was the end of the series! What an amazingly great trick! I'm only halfway through the first ep, but I'm still enjoying it more than most new series from this season.
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