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Why LJ Sucks, by Thistle-Chaser, Grade 3

Why LJ Sucks
by Thistle-Chaser
Grade 3

A heads up to anyone who is able to read this: I can't load any comment-reply pages or my flist at all. If I haven't replied to you, it's not because I'm ignoring you! It's because LJ (as usual) sucks ass. I mean, what the hell? ONE of their people goes on vacation, and when something goes wrong no one left can fix it? What kind of messed up system is that?

And I hate their stupid "Armed monkeys are working on the network!" and "Armed monkeys report that things are slow right now!" messages. What stupidity! Fix the damned network, don't attempt to be funny/cute/whatever.

(Added while attempting to post this: Dammit! How many times do I have to attempt it before it goes through! Damned LJ, you're worthless!)

Since I got this page to load, I might as well write more. (Ah, but will the post go through? And if it does, will anyone else be able to load their flist to see it? Now THOSE are the questions!)

Would you believe I got even less sleep last night? Though my own doing? And that when I finally did get to bed, I couldn't sleep? I must have gotten one, maybe two, hours of sleep. Tops. Today is going to be a hard, hard, long, nasty day.

(FFXI from here to the end.)

We rocked last night in FFXI. We were getting the mythical 200 XP/kill! (Non-players: Most people in parties want 200 XP/kill, but that usually means the fight was hard enough to likely kill PCs. When smart, parties tend not to even try for 200/kill, as PC death and downtime to recover from the battles don't make it worth it.) Every fight was bringing in 150-225 XP! And they weren't even hard/dangerous! It was amazing, we even got a couple of those fights in a row without resting, and it was fine! Only a few times did we use all of our MP, and I don't believe anyone used a two hour. (Non-players: Each job gets special abilities which can be used only once every two hours. So they're really for emergencies.) I leveled to 29, and I believe everyone else (or mostly everyone) got a level, too!

I'm really, really looking forward to hitting level 30. Advanced jobs here I come! (Beastmaster! Beastmaster! Beastmaster!)

I'm so so so broke. I want to buy pineapples before I leave that area (to store them for later personal use), but man. I have to count my pennies and make sure I have enough just for the teleports! (One teleport to the crag, one outpost teleport home.) Oh, and 200 for the airship ride back. That's about 900g total to get home! Ugh. Unless LS people poke to party and raise non-main-job levels, I have to spend the weekend cooking and fishing. As my mules are nearly out of things to sell, I'd like to do leathercrafting, but I have no money for raw materials! (Which is another reason starting with beastmaster will be good -- low levels bring in so much money!)

On the other hand, if I get bored maybe I'll level thief. If I could only get up to 15 (for Treasure Hunter), I'd have an easier time bringing money in with it. It's got a long ways to go to 15 though... (I'm 11 or 12 with it now.)

Zzzz. Very sleepy, very sleepy.
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