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Boring weekend ended well

You'd think that with only two days away from a job I hate, that I could somehow enjoy them. It wasn't until Sunday evening that I figured out at least part of the cause for my dragging weekend: The heat. While it was only 80-something outside, with all my electronic stuff on it was a lot hotter inside. But because I'm generally and unreasonably stubborn, I resisted turning on the AC. Why? "It's only 80 outside! Why do I need it on?" So I sat around like a lump, too hot and without a speck of energy to move. Sunday night I turned it on, and I was like a new person! I could move my limbs! I could think! I didn't wish to be in bed!


While I played FFXI lots, I didn't get much done. I can't hardly even remember what I did! I think I fished lots on Friday and Saturday -- while fishing is very, very boring, I'm very, very poor, so I had to put up with it. Of course as soon as I did make money, idiot me put it right back into leathercrafting. I swear, if I didn't craft I'd be the richest person in the game. However, I did think about crafting and why I did it, and came up with some answers:

I'll never, ever be level 75 (the highest level you can get). I'll never have the rarest armors or weapons. I'll never be able to fight the strongest monsters and kill them with one blow. That's fine, that's not my goal in the game, but... I do want to do something to stand out. For me, that will be crafting. Sure, anyone can take up crafting, but how many of these hyperactive fifteen-year old monkey children would stick with it? When it takes so much money you could be spending on armor or weapons or whatever? When it takes time and patience and progress is so painfully slow?

The only thing that makes me sad about using crafting to stand out is that the battleground is uneven: I'm up against cheaters. People with fishing bots have unlimited money to pour into their crafting. And while not cheating, there's unfairness as well: People who have been playing a year or more than me (Japanese players), people who have rich LSs pouring money into one PC to get that crafting maxed out, etc.

Anyway, I didn't mean to spend this post talking about crafting! On Saturday the LS took a trip into a mine to do a quest to get a teleportation scroll. I wish I had had time to make screenshots! It was an amazing area, with lots of ghosts! Dead children kept fading in and out, dead adults hung from the top of the mine -- it was really creepy!

On Sunday I spent as much time off the game as I did on it; I was bored when logged on, but bored when logged off as well. Eventually I just logged on and sat outside the Auction House... which is where Aurian and company found me! I got to meet the (soon to be ex-) Cade! (Heehee!) And I saw Draque again! And met some new friends of hers (people from her LS?) too! Plus, she gave me a LS pearl, which was really nice of her and totally unexpected. :) (Non-players: Linkshells are like MUSH channels, but you have to be invited to join. You get a linkshell pearl, which allows you to talk on it and such.) I just wish FFXI let you use two LSs at once!

We had great fun partying, and though we weren't out there for the XP, I made more XP with them in 1-2 hours than I had in 5-6 hours of working solo. The night went totally smoothly and fun, except for once when we ran into a special monster (ram). We hadn't known it was aggro, and before we knew it our white mage was dead. In one blow from it! Eek! (I was really lucky because both she and I were right next to it. By chance it went after her instead of me!)

But more than the XP, it was great fun just hanging out and fooling around with them. It's very interesting to see how other groups work and (I've been unable to come up with a less New Age way of saying this) the different "energy" other groups have. I'm not saying it's better or worse than my current LS party, but it's just so totally different! With the five or six of us fanning out as we ran through the plateau, killing things as we encountered them without really caring what it was, joking and teasing and poking and playing when we did gather together, it felt more... animalistic than my normal party. As if we were a pack of wolves or something just running and killing and playing and such. :) (That image became more firm in my mind once I remembered the Aurian-as-only-female part, and how we were teasing about chasing after her. :) Yes, Hex was female as well, but she's an elf so I guess in my mind that doesn't count? Hee.)

So all in all, while the weekend was dull, it ended really well. I fell asleep with a smile on my face! :)
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