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Take one part "Brrr!" and two parts "Zzzz" and mix well...

It's currently 62 degrees outside, and yet the AC is blasting so hard inside that every paper on my wall is fluttering. I'm in a jacket and still I'm freezing! Brrr! Stupid workplace people, trying to make me sick.

Operation Get Enough Sleep failed on the second day. While I did stay up a little too late, the bigger thing was that I forgot to take my allergy/sinus medicine and so stayed awake coughing and choking and trying to get air into my lungs instead of sleeping. Yes, I should have gotten up and taken it later, but I kept thinking that soon it would just end and I'd fall asleep, then I wouldn't need to get up. I was wrong.

Kitty news: I hope my little girl isn't falling apart. We went to the vet on Friday for her shaking, and now she seems really weak in her back end.

On Friday the vet said it's almost certain that something's going on in her brain, but the question is what to do about it. I could take her for a MRI or CAT scan, but: 1) There are only a few of them in the whole state, and none within a couple hours of driving, 2) (the bigger one) If we did discover a tumor in her brain, then what? While they are starting to do brain surgery on cats, she's too old for it (plus I'm not sure if I'd want to put her through something so big...).

Anime: In an effort to make space on my HD, I've started burning things I haven't watched or haven't finished watching. I moved all of Gundam Seed to DVD, as well as Full Moon wo Sagashite (I really want to finish watching that!).

FFXI: Woo woo woo! I finally hit level 15 with thief! Woo! After 14 levels of struggle and uselessness, I'm now useful with it! :) I can't wait to see how Sneak Attack and Treasure Hunter change solo leveling/farming. I also spent much of last night pulling, which went a lot smoother than my first time trying it. I had thought that white mage kept you busy during fights? Ha! While pulling, I couldn't hardly even keep up with a single /tell conversation! I was never bored at all! :) I still need more practice with it, as sometimes I get hit on the run back. I think it's a matter of getting the angle right when I make the initial shot -- if I was standing in a good position, I'd be able to stay further back.

In a way I feel guilty since I really should have been working to level black mage instead, but I *like* thief and don't really like BLM, so it's hard to stop playing one to play the other. Since I'm going to stick with thief and try to get to 25 (flee = drool, drool, drool), I'm going to look at upgrading my armor tonight. I suspect it's out of date for my level...

Thursday night I should hit 30 with WHM! Life (on the game) will change after that. I suspect playing Beastmaster will take up the lion's share of my time, so I don't know how much advancement I'll make on my other jobs. Black mage will be bumped down even further; it'd be nice to get it to 17 before Thursday, but that's unlikely to happen. Hmm.
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