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We're in the money, we're in the money! And I'm going to be e-beaten up after e-class. (FFXI)

Sometimes 'no good deed goes unpunished' doesn't apply. Last night I was asked to leathercraft something for a fellow LSer, and in doing so we both noticed how big of a difference in price there were between the item she gave me and the one I turned it into for her. (Craft a 3,000g into a 6,000g one! Can't go wrong there!) Though I had vowed not to do more leathercraft for a while, I poured all my money into buying items and *poof!*, suddenly I had items worth double that price!

But the story doesn't end there! This morning I used the money that came in overnight to buy more items to upgrade... and I actually got a High Quality result in the batch! I made a Kingdom item!

Original pants:      2,500
Sheep leather:        700
Earth crystal:             30
Total raw materials: 3,230

Kingdom Trousers sell for: 36,000.

*falls over dead* Over 30,000 profit on one single item! My god! (Now it just needs to sell. My AH slots are all full, so I stuck it up in my bazaar.)


I made 30,000 of pure profit a second time in the last 24 hours, though in this case it was unplanned. I had decided to go out and find a random party to level black mage up, but a mistake kept me from being able to travel easily. (I thought I was level 15, which meant I could chocobo, but I was really 14. No teleport, no chocobo? No go!) Since the moon was good, I decided to hop onto the ferry and fish. Turns out Draque had the same idea! Heehee!

Fishing isn't so boring when you're with someone you know. :) He and I rode back and forth and back and forth, fishing and watching folks kill things. Oh, and the stories he told me about Aurian! (Who'd ever believe a woman could be so flexible? *impressed*). There was one, eh, encounter which smudged the night:

I was joking around with Draque in the usual way (plotting and planning to knock off Cade so that we could have Aurian). Since Cade was stronger than both of us, Draque "offered" to run off and let me deal with Cade alone, then have Aurian alone. I posed pondering that, wondering if she was worth being killed over. A random person (Helpme), voiced that she was.

Now, while I like doing this play-flirting/joking stuff, I would never, ever attempt it on random people I never met. However, Helpme joined our conversation on her own, so I figured that made her fair game. I said something like "Well, I don't know about that, but you're kind of cute!". Some guy (Taoss-something) jumps in and goes "she's e-dating nat so fuck off". (E-dating! E-dating! *dies* If I hadn't been so surprised at the reaction, I would have fallen down laughing at that. Are we in e-high school? Are you going to e-beat me up if I e-hit on some e-guy's e-girlfriend?) I went 'Uh, I was just joking around...', then the boat zoned and that was that. (I later /tell'ed Helpme to touch base with her and make sure she knew I was just joking. She said she did and wasn't offended or anything.)

So for the evening's work I fished up two stacks of fish, each sell for 15,000. Yay! (Now, if only they'd sell...)

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