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Poor, poor Thistle (literally!)

(FFXI then other stuff.)

It seems as though sometimes the world laughs at me. (Unbelievable, I know!) Not one single thing in any of my auctions has sold in the last 24 hours. I'm more broke today than I was yesterday, and that's saying something!

In better news, I couldn't resist the urge to open the Beastmaster job, so I did it before work this morning! Woo! (It made me 10 minutes late to work, but I'm always here early, so I'm not too bothered.) I can't wait to try playing it tonight!


It's been nearly a year since I stopped eating meat (it doesn't feel that long at all), and things are getting harder instead of easier. Not cravings-wise (never had any before, don't have any now), it's meal-options that are tripping me up. I tend to skip one meal a day (sometimes having fruit), one meal of the day is pizza (gods above, having it so many times a week has switched me from loving it to hating it), and the last meal tends to be bread or pasta or potato or something. (Look ma! I'm the Anti-Atkins!) I'm such a sucky vegetarian! Where'd the few vegetables from my diet go? Where'd the variety go? I don't think I used to eat the same stuff day after day after day...

I dread mealtimes now, because it means I have to find something to eat when there's little I can! No meat, no sugar, low fat, low salt. What the heck does that leave? Especially when I don't like most vegetables?

On the other side of the coin, my lack of having things I can eat are leading to nice weight losses. Five pounds this week! More than I should lose in a week, but hey! I'm not going to complain!

Edit: I take vitamins every day without fail, so no worries about me dying of scurvy or something.
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