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?skip=400, not bad!

Since I hadn't checked my flist since noon on Friday, I was really worried it would be insane (like ?skip=652736223763yw45e3!), but 400 is totally reasonable! You all are cool for not spamming over the holiday weekend! ;)

Non-meateater than I am, I was leery about going to a BBQ this weekend, but with the promise of non-meat options, I went. I was offered an odd veggie burger (it had big chunks of some sort of veggies in it), and it wasn't bad. Very odd, and worried me a little that I didn't know what the chunks were), but I ate part of it and that kept me from looking too strange. (Often times there are no non-meat options, so I sit around and not eat anything while others eat.)

For those who read this journal for FFXI happenings, I'm posting some stuff elsewhere now. I have a journal on the website of my second LS. I'll probably post the link here when I update there (so long as I remember to). Credit for the title of today's post (there) goes to my original LS and their great love of mocking my chosen job. (And note that the journal is... not totally serious. It's not exactly IC, but it's not OOC either.)

Back to flist reading!
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