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A few quick screenshots! (FFXI)

If I let my folder of screenshots get to 100+ images, I'll never get back on top of it, so I made time tonight to deal with them. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure!

What the heck is this icon next to his name? - Players, it was a red ! next to his name -- sort of like the "seeking party" mark, but red instead of green. Any idea what it means? I sent him a /tell to ask, but he never replied. (Very small image.)

Don't you think I look cute in this hat? Aurian tried to make her dragon carry me away. Notice she's laughing in the picture! Silly Dragoon! (Medium-sized image.)

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! I loved Coeurls in FFX, and while they look seriously different in FFXI, I still love them! It's like a cheetah mixed with a demon! (Smallish image.)

?!?!?!?! Yes, Beastmasters make friends with monsters, but this is a little too friendly! (Medium image.)

I've heard of having your head up your ass, but... this? (Small image.)

Okay, be honest, who has the better ass? One night I was bored, so I put on my most, eh, sexy armor and went out and posed with unsuspecting folks. (Medium image.)

People came from far and wide to check out my butt. (Medium image.)

POV: A typical battle. Mostly for non-players, this is what you might see if fighting with a party against a monster. Far left (cut off) is Verity, a black mage. Upper left is Russet, who was a... um... warrior? To the right is Aellan, a monk (and a catgirl). The monster is a goblin -- in armor. (Yes, I missed a lot. I was a white mage, we're not meant to beat on things!)

This conversation between two PCs worried me a little:
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