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Zzzz... *cough!* ...zzzz.

The Thistle FFXI journal has been updated. (Actually, there were a couple updates before this one, but not "entertaining" ones or ones I figured LJ folks would care about.)

So sleepy! So sleep! Even after taking my best drugs, I spent all night coughing. (I took them too late, so my sinuses attempted to drain after I went to bed... Cough! Cough! Choke! Cough!) If it's not bad enough I keep myself up all night coughing, I just hope I don't bug the neighbors! Darned allergies. I'm strongly considering moving somewhere where there is no plantlife -- somewhere where even the money isn't green!

I just don't get this: While my work sucks in nearly every way, there's one good part: We get free fruit in the morning. However, lately the fruit has been moldy. WTF? We had apples, pears, and plums this morning, and the last two items had big splotches of green mold on them! Do they expect that someone will still eat it? Do they still put it out when it has mold so they can continue to say that they give us fruit? Bah...
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