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Let Freedom Ring...

My "IC" FFXI journal has been updated: The secret language of women, leather, and m/m elf love.

While driving home last night, I listened to the news. One of the stories was about police setting up a private house as a location where women would supposedly be giving massages, but in truth the cops were trying to trap men going there looking for prostitutes.

What's wrong with that picture?

Location: Private house. Out of view of kids and non-interested adults.
People involved: Two adults, both with enough limbs and free will to leave the building if they didn't want to be there.

If two consenting adults want to have sex, what reason in the world does the government have to get involved? If there's some other exchange between the two (gift, dinner, money), so what? Why are we still living in the dark ages? How in the world does one adult assume that their morals should be forced upon another adult? (I personally neither want to be a prostitute nor visit one, so guess what! I won't!)

There's so much good that could come of legalizing it (keep it healthier, tax it, make it safer for the prostitutes and the clients), why do the morals of some people keep this from happening?

I feel like I live in a country of little children: We have "parents" who decide what's right and wrong for us. If you don't like something, don't do it! But where in the world do you get off forcing others to live by the same rules YOU live your life by?

If we were going to allow prostitutes to do their work in the kitchens of those who were against the idea of prostitution, then I'd understand the protest against it. But we're not forcing anyone who isn't interested in it to get involved! Are we not adults? Can we not make the choice to pay for sex or not? Why do we need some other adult waggling their finger at us and saying "No no no!"?

"From every mountain side, Let freedom ring!"? HA HA HA. (Oh wait, or does it make me a traitor to be criticizing something about America?)
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