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How do you say "Please kill me now" in Spanish?

(In this order: RL, FFXI, HP fanfics)


As even casual readers of this LJ probably know, sleep has been an issue for me for the last many years. As in: I go to bed at X time, but don't fall asleep for hours later, then wake up hours before my alarm goes off, resulting in only 3-5 hours of sleep a night. I'm in one of those cycles now. If all had gone well, I would have gotten five hours sleep last night. How I wish I had gotten five hours sleep!

Why didn't I? Some damned idiot called me every 20-30 minutes, starting at 10 PM, continuing until I went to work at 7 AM. They spoke Spanish at me every time. They called me Roselita (spelling?). Shouting did not stop them from calling, cursing did not stop them, and when I tried to *69 the number to yell at them more, I got a message saying that that phone number could not be *69'ed. (*69 redials the last number that called your line.) (Turning off the ringer resulted in them babbling into my answering machine. I didn't want to unplug that, as I had a message I needed to save.)

So I got, at best, under an hour sleep last night, grabbed a few minutes at a time. I have no idea, just no idea, how I am supposed to deal with nine hours of work. (And of course god damned idiot co worker is not here yet. Why should he be on time? Ever?)


FFXI: Since I DIDN'T SLEEP AT ALL LAST NIGHT, I was up and ready for work early this morning. For lack of anything better to do, I decided to put what little money came in overnight into leathercrafting. Looked at my guide, bought the things I needed, went to the guild. There I bought advanced imaging support (as I always do). Imaging support is getting darned expensive, so I try to make sure I'll be able to use all the time it gives me. Started the first synthesis. "Canceled. This combination of materials cannot be synthesized." Okay, I'm tired as hell, maybe I entered the wrong items. Tried again. Same message. Tried again, very carefully. Same message. Damned guide was wrong! So I looked up other mantles (all mantles thus far have needed the same thing, just the "core" item varies). Looks like the guide listed the wrong crystal. Went to the AH, grabbed an overpriced stack (early morning = very worst time to buy them). Tried again. Same message. GRRRR. Advanced imaging wasted. Bought a stack of overpriced crystals which I cannot use. Grrrr.

I probably need to go to Jueno tonight and list all my AH items there. Too much high-end leatherstuff. Not selling in the starter cities.

I've not worked on leveling BST since Monday of last week. Leveling has gotten slower and thus less fun. Aurian mentioned forming a BST party, which would be more fun. Three of us (though with a little-bit-too-wide level gap), all BSTs. I'm not sure how that'd work out for serious leveling (I have a hard time finding enough prey/pets in an area, let alone three of us needing them), but it would probably still be fun.


(Co worker finally came in. Only a half-hour late! Oh lucky day!)


HP fanfic: Unable to sleep last night, I wrote this part of the post in my head. At the time it was bright and cheerful and perky and sunny. I am feeling none of those things right now, unfortunately.

As isiscolo's tastes often match mine, when she recommended Night-blooming Heartsease (a prequel to the famous Transfigurations by Resonant), I trotted right off to read it. The fact that it was Snape/Neville made my eyebrows raise, but hey, isiscolo said it worked, so it was worth reading.

Assuming you know the Harry Potter series, if you never read fanfic or slash, you're probably rolling your eyes at the thought of Snape and Neville ever even being friends, let alone more. Impossible! Not only is there hate, there's tons of fear, disrespect, disgust, and more! But (to me) that's the very best part of slash (and sometimes general fanfics) -- the writer skillfully and believably gets you from Point A (where canon left the characters) to Point B (bed, friendship, whatever). I don't read slash for the sex, I read it for the journey the characters take to get there. To me, that is the magic of fanfic.

A small warning, in case any non-fanfic readers run off in search of slash after reading my post: There is a type of slash called "PWP" (which I believe stands for Plot? What Plot? or Porn, What Plot?). In that sort of story, you don't get the "in between" material. Characters who may hate each other end up in bed together, likely no (or minimal) reason given. Those stories aren't my cup of tea, but there are fans of them out there. (When I first got into the fandom, I mistakenly thought PWP meant Porn With Plot. I was very confused after reading the first few, and was left scratching my head and wondering what the writers' idea of "plot" was...)

EDIT: Blame lack of sleep for the fanfic section being less than totally clear. :) Night-blooming Heartsease is not a PWP fic at all, it's jam-packed with plot! And I seem to have left out my opinion on it: I loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it! Highly recommended, go read it for yourself!
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