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Shaving and the Spermicidal Maniacs

In my never ending quest to bring quality posts to the LJ world, here I am with a link to a site that will whip up a random porno movie, just for you!

Booty at the Poon Palace
Starring Chesty Lish and John-Thomas Bumpkineater
A shameless work of smut with a terminally ill man and a traveling sexual surrogate who just want to figure out "where this thing goes".

(A sexual surrogate doesn't know "where this thing goes"? Heehee!)

Shaving and the Spermicidal Maniacs
Starring Tawny Gobbles and Richard Swift
A high integrity artistic porno about a bi-curious heterophobe and a security guard who just want to end war by cuffing, gagging and spanking world leaders.

(Just the image we needed! Naked Bush, cuffed and gagged, being spanked by bouncy Miss Gobbles.)

Make your own random porno movie! (99% work safe.)


"IC" FFXI journal was updated this morning. It's about leather, but not in that way ...or maybe in that way. Sometimes I get confused.
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