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"I didn't know it aggroed!" (FFXI)

(I'm tired and hungry and not feeling at all like making an "IC" post, so I'm over here instead of writing in the CTY journal.)

Last night: As not one thing in any of my 21 (7 x 3) AH slots has sold in more than 48 hours, I am officially Out Of Money. I pulled my pennies together and poked at the AH, seeing if I could buy just a couple items for the guild turn-in, but I wasn't even close to having enough. I could have gone fishing, but the moon was really bad. That left only leveling. So, dragging my feet, I went and changed into BST and set out.

As usual, I took a supply run to the West Ron outpost. For the second or third time, a Garrison was just finishing up. One day my timing will be bad and I'll stumble into the middle of one and get killed. Today wasn't that day though!

Goods dropped off and CP gotten, I headed down to the plateau to kill things. As soon as I entered the zone, I started grumping to myself over how many people were there. Insanity! Too many! But I kept going and got to my "secret" leveling place, which was nicely empty. Once I got to killing things, I remembered how nice it is to play a BST! None of that leveling-solo pain at all! The XP was just flying in, and in a couple of hours I hit 15! It was 8 PM by then and I still hadn't had dinner (you really can't walk away from the computer while there), so I could have ended and gone home, but I was actually enjoying myself and the XP had been good, so I kept on.

Unfortunately, 15 seems like it was a little high for that area, and my XP had dropped, so I decided to go back to Sandy and have dinner instead. As usual, I got lost on the way back and found myself in an empty spot with okay monsters, so I started killing instead. I decided to check out one of those "canyons" (cuts in the earth, whatever they are). That turned out to be a mistake!

There were two mobs in sight, a bee and a fungar. I checked them both as I ran closer. One was an EM (non-players: even match) and the other EP (easy prey). Ugh! I could charm the EP and throw it at the EM, but it wouldn't last and wouldn't help much. I could charm the EM, but the charm probably wouldn't stick well, and EM was a stronger pet than I wanted. While I stood there trying to decide what to do, the fungar aggroed me. A fungar aggroed! I've battled them frequently in other places, and I never, ever saw one aggro! (I knew mobs could vary in strength from one area to another, but I didn't know the aggroing might change!) So while it started kicking my ass, I charmed the EP bee and set it to fighting. Since I hadn't hit the fungar at all, it started hitting the bee instead of me. I ran off to find another pet.

There was a second bee (EP as well, ugh), so I grabbed that. The first bee was dead and the fungar was coming at me. Somehow I started attacking the fungar myself (I must have hit keys wrong by mistake??), so the thing was now hating me more than the bee. After a couple hits, I had to start Curing myself. It was a long fight, and another PC arrived (but I didn't want to call for /help, I didn't want to lose my XP! XP on an EM! So much!). My HP were in the red, but the stupid fungar only had a sliver left. I hit and hit (the bee kept hitting, too), but I couldn't get that sliver gone. Then the stupid thing used a special move on me, and I fell down dead. Bah! So close!

Luckily I had had enough of buffer that I didn't delevel back to 14, plus I got to death-warp home instead of needing to run. I chatted by /tell with that PC who had arrived (he was a nice and funny guy), so even with the death I count it as a good night.

PLUS! I had lots of loot when I got back to town. I sold crystals and other stuff, plus switched some auctions around so that faster-selling stuff would be up, plus I sold a lot of items to NPCs (for a great loss, unfortunately), and by 10 PM I had enough money to make items for the guild-turn in! Woo! I'm now up to 48K points! Nearly halfway to 100K! Yay! (I'm trying not to think that after I hit 100K I need to start over again. 70K for the leatherguild gloves! Ugh!)

Tonight I'm probably going to go to Jeuno and start the rank 5 mission, as well as put some items up on the AH there. Unless the static party meets tonight...
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