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The weekend and a couple of screenshots

(FFXI then life)

Can any Japanese speakers on my flist translate what Raii was trying to say to me (before and after my translated line)?

He's a very high level leathercrafter (one of the highest levels I've ever met), so I'm really curious.


Summerfest is going on right now, which means besides games and lots of crowds (and lag), there are fireworks! Shot one and Shot two. (These are the full-sized ones.) I really like the second one -- I may just make it into my new wallpaper. (Maybe I should have turned the name display off... hm.)

Group shot. After doing a mission, my original LS got together for a group picture. (We were being silly with the /actions.) Back row, left to right: Jennah, Verity, Martin, Elhaym, Russet. Front row, left to right: Aellan, Button, me. I look very sullen.


The weekend was really blah. Feels totally wasted. I slept some, but ate little. (Food is becoming my biggest issue in life lately. Food is so annoying. There's little that I both can eat and want to eat, and I've eaten those things so frequently that I don't want to eat them anymore.)

Watched FMA #40 and Naruto #91 (I think I have the ep numbers right -- the current subbed ep for each series). Enjoyed them both, but between the two eps there was just too much death. FMA's was of the shocking type, and Naruto's was of the heartbreaking type. I know I say this with every ep, but what a good series Naruto is! I'm very happy the manga is so far ahead of the anime -- the end of the series won't be coming anytime soon! The characters are just so... so... human. Flawed and hurting and struggling to live. Love the series, just totally love it.

Co worker was (again again again) late today. I don't want to be here. Can't believe people get four months PAID time off for having a baby. That's just insanity. Everyone should get that kind of time off or no one should.

Stupid television: After three commercials for low carb food products, the next commercial said something like "the world isn't changing itself for people on low carb diets...". What BS. 'Oh poor Atkin people! Oh poor them! There's nothing for them to eat!' Idiots. There's a store (a whole damned store) that opened up near me which sells nothing but low carb crap. I hate this fad, hate it hate it hate it. I want it to be over... or at least for it to get the hell out of my face.

Food is so depressing and annoying. I think I'll go eat dirt.

Edit: In case you need to read more FFXI babbling, my FFXI "IC" journal has been updated. It's not very IC this time, though.
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