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FFXI: Moons and crafting items/gil

Good fishing moons ("reasonable" ones -- not in the middle of the night or during the normal work day)

7/27 (Tuesday) Full Moon ENDS 5:36 PM
7/30 (Friday) Full Moon starts 7:31 PM
8/1 (Sunday) New Moon starts 11:50 AM (probably static day)
8/4 (Wednesday) New Moon starts 8:30 PM
8/6 (Friday) Full Moon ENDS 7:30 PM
8/8 (Sunday) New Moon ENDS 11:50 AM


Guild turn-in points (I should have started tracking this sooner).

The amount of points you can make in a day: Seems to be a set number (just barely over 1,000). This means that since I hit 61K today, I have 39 days until I hit 100K -- assuming I turn in the full amount for every day, which is unlikely.

The item to be turned in: Cycles. It picks an item from the lowest rank items, then each day increases one rank until it meets your own rank (so the item to be turned in can be higher level than you, but not higher rank). Other than that, there appears to be no set schedule... though I suspect it's not totally random within a rank, either.

Cost: (I'd like to start keeping track of this, too.) Today was the lowest rank day, and as such I was asked to make a level 5 item. I got 61 or 72 points per item (61 for normal, 72 for HQ). I had to turn in 19 of them. To make those items I bought:

Sheep leather: 8000/stack, needed four stacks.
Cotton cloth: 8000/stack, needed two stacks.
Earth crystals: 400/stack, needed two stacks.

Total: 48,800 gil. I had five "sets" of items left over when done crafting, so that's about 10,155. Total cost for one day/1025 points: 47,775 gil. (I believe this was a cheap day, but I'll do the math going forward with that figure anyway.)

47,775 per thousand points, I have 61,000 points turned in. Total cost so far: 2,914,275 gil turned in so far.

I need to turn in 39,000 more points, so that's 1,863,225 more gil.

Total cost of crafting apron: 4,777,500 gil
Total cost of crafting secondary item (gloves/glasses/boots): 3,344,250 gil
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