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I'm supposed to be catching up on my flist, but instead I'm posting!

As work is going to be bad next week, if I go in on Monday to my usual 250 new posts, I'd have some sort of a breakdown, so I decided to try to catch up over the weekend. Halfway done!

I watched eps 123 and 124 of PoT today. Please allow me a moment to run around making happy fangirl noises. The closing of ep 123! Could the Inui/Kaido have been any clearer? (NO!) I mean man! They held hands! They looked longingly at each other as the lyrics mentioned love! Eee! The thought of those two together make me melt, just totally and utterly melt.

FFXI: PrincessGuard folks, remember MonkeyKiller? Well I partied with him tonight! For all of half of a battle! When I saw him in the party, I really should have turned around and left, but I had been waiting quite a while and I wanted to get the last level I needed so I could finish for the night. He's actually gotten worse, if that's possible! He ran out and pulled while the puller was out, and we ended up with two goblins (either one would have been too tough for us). In under a minute, the party was in the dark yellow. Someone yelled to run. That was enough for me, and I used my instant warp scroll to return to Sandy. Monkeykiller kept calling me a "pussy" for running (??? After someone told us to?), so I apologized to the party, told them he had been on my blist and was going back onto it, and didn't return. (Before I could finish the command, he replied with the oh so clever "stfu pussy".)

The party before that (which got me from 15->16) was better, but only because we had someone powerleveling us. When she left (with the party member she arrived with), the brilliant party leader didn't understand why we couldn't keep going on as-is. (We had no WHM, just that outside healer.) Within minutes of us trying to explain why we needed a healer in the party, he posed that he was crying, that no one wanted him around, and left the party.

And that is why I've put off leveling BLM for months. And I still need to get one more level! Ugh.

Back to flist reading! At least no one will call me a 'pussy' there! (I think... :) )

Edit: Want to see what the game's like? Here's video! The quality is much lower than what we see, but here's a sample (rightclick, save as, view in some sort of movie viewer once finished downloading). People make these amusing "music videos" from game clips. That's a fun one!
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