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Quiz, sans graphics, and Animal Crossing

What's worse than a quiz with a bunch of questions with no answers that even come close to fitting you? One with a results graphic that is roughly the size of a VW Bug!

Stolen from tersa who got it from nightambre, it's Which Garou Aspect Are You!

You are a Galliard! Born on the Gibbous Moon, you are naturally artistic. A born artist; you are always deep into art, music, or acting. You are the deepest of all the Auspices.

I guess that's sort of, quasi-right... The quiz still sucked though.


Animal Crossing is keen. Not only is it a fun game, but the animals go to sleep and the stores close at 10 PM, so it won't tempt me to stay up all night playing!

I don't like the Gamecube controller as much as the PS2 one. It's a little smaller and the buttons are a little different surface-wise. Makes my wrists hurt a little faster. Wow, I still can't wait to get home and play it again though.

I know a bunch of people online playing this, and they've offered me all the stuff I need to make money (shovel, net, fishing pole), but for now I don't want outside help. I'm enjoying shaking trees to get money... even though my villagers call me ugly after the bees sting me.
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