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She sells seashells by Nook's store

Kirby: I now have apples as well as oranges (and a shovel). I'd love cherries!

Name: Thistle
Town: Canada

Need some apples?

Since it takes fruit days to grow back, I was reduced to selling seashells for money. Then I took some time and set up a second town (Mexico!) and went there and got some apples to bring back and plant. Jay, who was talking about moving out of Canada, took the opportunity to fly away like the bird he is. I got some dog who moved in in his place. Madline or something.

Oh! And I planted a money tree! Please, please, please let it grow to maturity...

The animals are getting decidedly more bitchy to me. Stupid Alli the Alligator cheated me of $2,400! "Answer this right and I'll give you $2,400!" I answered right... "Oops! I have no money, forget I offered!" Bitch. I wrote her a nasty letter, telling her how much I'd enjoy kicking her.

Speaking of letters, I laughed loudy a couple times at my replies. I think I have a village of stupid animals, they said my sentences were too complex, my words were too big, and Chief the Wolf begged me not to write him anymore because I was giving him a headache! (Note to self: Write Chief more letters.)

Yes, all that probably makes no sense to most people...


DMV Woes: *&(*$#@&!! Stupid DMV typoed my SS#, now they're saying my name isn't in their records! (Yes, that makes no sense.) I have to call them tomorrow and try to get it straightened out.

Tivo decided not to record The Amazing Race for me, so I'm watching last night's Buffy instead. (Can't play AC anymore tonight, my arm hurts from holding the controller for the last four or so hours.)

Little Miss Kitty has another lump, right where her cancer had been. We're going to the vet on Friday (she's out till then). I'm trying not to worry...
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