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*gasp!* It's been two whole days!

Since it has been two days since my last post, it seemed like I should toss something up so that people know I hadn't really died. Work is killing me, but that's not, like, you know, a real death. They want to keep me alive to kill me again in the near future, after all! (Bah.)

I have no idea what's happening in my life, outside of work being awful. My brain has melted and run out of my ears. (Which might explain my behavior on the LS last night. *smooches to Draque and Ead and Bas and Nim and all the other guys!*, wait, that's the wrong thing again!)

I hit leathercrafting 66.6 last night, which I believe is a very leathercrafty number. Indeed. I have about 80K guild points turned in, so I'm getting really really close to the apron. 1.4 levels and about 20K points!

In non-FFXI news... I have no idea. (See melted brain comment.) I downloaded and am very looking forward to watching PoT 125. Mmmm, Ryoma! I so hope he gets his ass kicked, but not because I dislike him (I love the character!). It's just that whole thing with him on his knees, looking up at someone who just beat him... *purrrr*

I think I may have missed an ep of FMA... or maybe those Spoon people are slow in releasing this week's? I have two Naruto eps to watch, too! Woo! So much good stuff to see!

And two words (or is it four?): Yu-Gi-Oh Movie. Heehee.

Gah, too much time spent here. Back to work!

Be happy, everyone! We're halfway to the weekend!
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