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PoT #125 (anime)

Okay, why did I think #125 was the Singles 1 match? Heh. I suppose in my mind the Fuji match could have only ended with him winning, so maybe I thought it was over already... But worse than that, why did I think that the last singles match would end in one ep? Silly, silly me. If it's less than three eps, I'll fall over in surprise.

All in all, #125 was very amusing. The red eyes & lip licking got highly annoying very fast, but I loved seeing Fuji angry. Mmm.

Even though this show has no longer eaten my brain, it's impossible to watch it without thinking about all the pairings. (...maybe that's because they keep throwing them in our faces? Heehee.) Angry Fuji works so well with that...

We need more anime series with fanservice for women! This one is so so so much fun! It's like the junkfood of the anime world!
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