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Busy busy weekend

I did a flist purge a week or so ago to try to stop the "walking in on Monday morning to 250 flist posts", but it didn't work too well. I walked in to about 220 today, but I can't hardly cut anymore! And I don't want to filter, because everyone left on my flist are people I want to read! Bah! I'm cursed with too many interesting friends! :)

On Sunday I watched three Naruto eps (including the one which came out this weekend). How in the world did I get three eps behind? I'm only following three series anymore (Naruto, FMA, PoT), how can I not be able to keep up with only three?! Anyway, boy do I love Naruto! Poor fellow, being only normal and with no natural talents! Heehee. Orochimaru (did I spell that right?) is just so darned yummy. So smirky! And cocky! And mmmm.


I think I accomplished more this weekend than I have in any other! In no special order, and probably forgetting some things:

- Finally (finally!) got warp! Not only did I get black mage to 17, I hit 18! First Aurian PLed me for about half a level, then I sucked it up and headed to the Dunes. Quite amazingly, I got into a great group. (High level/rank people leveling their subjobs.) We were getting 200 XP per battle with NO downtime at all! Just amazing! I could have stayed with them longer and leveled BLM further, but I was getting bored and I won't need to level it past 18 for a long, long time, so I bowed out.

Warp is just so wonderful and amazing! It cuts my in-city traveling time down so much! I feel like I'm abusing it though, using it to go from the AH to the mog house. Heehee. :)

- I'm over 98,000 guild points! Hopefully when I go home for lunch today I'll be able to get the apron! Yay! And if not today, then it should be tomorrow! *drool* I've been working for it so long, and it's finally almost in my hands!

- Hit leathercrafting 70.8! Eee, over 70! So cool! But in studying the guide, I don't think I'll be able to cross 90. There's nothing above 90 to skill up on! Nothing at all. Most 90+ items need behemoth leather, which just isn't going to be falling into my lap anytime soon.

- Two of our LS people are getting married! Eee! (Non-players: FFXI has in-game marriages. Dresses, rings, party, all that stuff!) I'm so excited! I never saw a wedding before!

- Upon realizing that I've opened only one advanced job (BST), I went and opened Dark Knight. Killed my 100 kills, went back to Bastok and got the sword quest. Used that god awful slow sword to level Dark Knight up to 5. I need maybe 10 more kills before I can change the sword into the better Bringer of Death (or whatever it's called). Will finish that up tonight.

Great swords are very, very, very sexy. Have screenshots! Mmm.

Hm, guess that's about it. Oddly, the Summerfest mogs were still around this morning. I thought yesterday was the last day?

Back to flist reading! 150 left to go!
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