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I realized I forgot to mention RL stuff in my last post. I often get distracted by the "better" stuff and forget to write about RL stuff. Hee.

A few weeks back I had decided to stop walking until fall. "It's hot," I whined. "I don't like to get all sticky before work," I bitched. The week I stopped, I gained two pounds. "Hm, must be a coincidence," I lied to myself. The next week, I gained another two pounds. Back to walking! Last week I walked, and lost two of the pounds. This week I'm still walking, so hopefully will lose the other two again. Grump! Just wish this wasn't a "lost" month -- gained weight two weeks, then lose those same pounds the next two weeks! Stupid me, but at least I switched back to walking. I don't know why I always have to fight to make myself walk. It feels good to do it! Plus I'm walking faster now, which is nice. I want to extend my time, but I don't want to get up even earlier. Blech.

alessar is a wise and wonderful (but still mean! :) ) fellow. He suggested going back to having oatmeal for breakfast. I ate it every day for five years or so, then got bored and stopped. But it makes a good breakfast! And luckily not many calories, either (~150).

Kitty goes in for her annual cardiac ultrasound on Friday. (She's got a heart defect which can get worse with age, so she has to get it checked once a year.) Even if she didn't already want to kill the vet, it would be something cats would hate: Picture two plastic blocks placed about ten inches apart. Lay a cat on it on her side, so that she "droops" in the middle (where that open space is). Now keep the kitty there for five minutes or so. It makes for very unhappy cats! Poor girl.

Other than ants, I don't kill bugs in my apartment. Spiders won't hurt me, so I let them be if I can. (If they're somewhere in the way, say on my keyboard, I'll scoop them up and put them outside.) Live and let live... except this has been going on for years and they keep reproducing! Darned things are all over the place, making lots of spiderwebs.

Ants, on the other hand, inspire a hatred in me few other non-human animals can. I gleefully shoot them with Raid, which makes them retreat for a couple of weeks, then they try to make inroads into my apartment again. Die ants! Die!
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