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It takes money to make money! (FFXI)

If you've missed this picture in the various places I've already posted, here it is! My new leathercrafting apron.

Boy, is that thing going to be worth the money that went into it! Not so much the +1 to crafting it gives, but the attention it gets! I'm getting at least triple the amount of people checking me and looking at my bazaar, and I made more sales overnight than I do in a week.

Logged off last night with 30K (and kicking myself for having let my funds get so low).

Logged on this morning with 70K. (Stopped kicking myself!)

Not bad, not bad! I'm going to try to put more money into "crafting for profit" so I can keep my bazaar full of interesting stuff. Eee, the attention is rather nice!

Goldsmithing shades: I'm of such a divided mind on them!

Half of me says: "Are you damned insane? Leveling THE most expensive craft, a craft you don't even care about or want to do, PLUS all the millions that it will cost for the guild turn-in items... just for sunglasses? And hey! Don't forget that you're not even interested in mining which is all but required!".

Other half: "They are easily the coolest item in the game. As far as I've seen, no other item gets the attention the sunglasses do. You think you're getting a lot of bazaar business now? Add the sunglasses to the apron and people will throw their money at you! Plus, what else are you going to do with yourself?"

It *is* crazy to level goldsmithing just for the glasses, but when it comes down to it: What else am I going to do with myself in the game? I really, really want them (heck, I've wanted them more and for longer than the apron!), so why not go for them? (And I'm tempted to skip the leathercrafting gloves and go for the sunglasses now, but that would be silly and so I'm resisting. The gloves will help me, so them first. Once I have them, I'll stop leveling leather and switch totally to goldsmithing.)
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