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Change of plans! (FFXI)

In an attempt to keep my head from exploding (no sleep, horrible allergies, and did I mention no sleep?), I took a few minutes from work to look at some FFXI stuff.

In an effort to keep myself from looking like a total ditz, let me explain something before I continue: While I personally don't believe that /checking someone without permission is rude, I feel that since those who were playing before I started do, I should respect that. Thus I almost never /check people. Often times I'll ask people through the translator if I may, but nine times out of ten they either don't reply or don't understand.

I had thought that goldsmithing was the only guild with "sunglasses" as a guild item. I knew clothcrafting and bonecrafting had glasses, but I had thought both were clear-glass glasses. I was wrong. Those orange "sunglasses" I had been seeing all this long are actually from the bonecrafting guild! Goldsmithing sunglasses are actually black! (Which I don't believe I've ever seen.)

This is a very, very good thing to know. Three reasons why!

1) I don't want to do goldsmithing. I don't want to mine. I don't like the idea of working with metal. But bonecrafting? I wouldn't mind bonecrafting at all. Heck, it's probably my second choice for a craft after leatherworking!

2) Bonecrafting and leatherworking fit together. A number of items need skill in both. There is NO crossing over between leather and goldsmithing. I would be very, very happy if this new craft of mine was something that could be useful as well as get me sunglasses.

3) Cost. While it doesn't look like bonecraft is much cheaper than leathercraft, it's no where near as expensive as goldsmithing.

I need to hit Bastok and Windy to visit the two guilds and confirm that I like the bonecrafting sunglasses as well as I do the goldsmithing ones, but wouldn't it be great if I could do a craft that I like? If I'm going to pour millions of gil into something, shouldn't I not resent it the whole time? I think so. :)
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