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Can't we all just get along? (FFXI)

The big ranting post from whren makes me sigh and shake my head. This whole "Japanese players are evil, the whole game is tilted in favor of the Japanese players, etc" issue annoys me so much.

Am I the only person who believes that that we, the NA players, are in fact more like "guests" on their game? They played it for how long before it was released in English? A year? More? The game was created in Japan, yes? It was released there first, released in the Japanese language. English was secondary. It's quite clear where the priorities are.

Is that unfair? Maybe, but what in life is fair? Hollywood releases blockbuster movies in English first -- is that fair to non-English speaking countries?

It really annoys me when people make that post like the one last week. The subject line was something like "Wake up, people, /checking without asking is no longer rude! This is OUR game now!". What right do the new kids on the block have to come in and try to force change onto the older players?

I guess for me it comes down to a MUSH-like mindset: If I joined a new MUSH, I would never, ever, ever expect the game to be changed by me. Even if I joined with 100 of my closest friends, I would not expect things to change for me. Why do NA players act differently? Swarm in, want to take over and change everything? Sure, we pay membership money as well, but that gives us the right to play on the game, not take it over and change it however we want.

(I'm posting this in my LJ instead of one of the FFXI comm groups because the majority of random stranger NA players will disagree with me. I don't care about them, I'm interested in what people I know and respect think.)
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