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(Admire my clever and witty subject line!)

Though I really didn't want to, after work on Friday I went grocery shopping. I hadn't gone in a couple weeks, and there was little to nothing left to eat in the apartment, so I sort of had to go. Still didn't want to, though. Too many people, too many annoying lines to wait on, too many idiots driving in the parking lot. I got out in one piece and with food, so I suppose it counts as "mission successful".

At first I thought something odd happened this weekend, but now I understand it (I think). Since kitty went to the vet on Friday morning, I got to sleep later than usual. Got 8 hours of sleep, which is a rare and nice thing! Saturday night, same thing. 8 hours of sleep. (Two nights in a row! Woo!) So by that point I should have been well-rested and feeling good, but on Sunday I felt like crap. Not so much physically, but emotionally. The smallest things were setting me off, making me alternate between wanting to rip heads off and bursting out into tears. Tiny little stupid things! It was like the worst case of PMS, except it couldn't have been that. (At least I was with it enough to take myself off all channels/linkshells/ways of communicating with people. I was worried I might drive friends away in ways that couldn't be fixed!) Sunday night arrived, and I realized that it may have been because I basically hadn't eaten all weekend. (Not on purpose!) I got fresh bread at the grocery store on Friday, so I ate that on Friday for dinner and for whatever meals on Saturday, and on Sunday I had the last of the bread. All weekend, all I had was bread and water! They don't even do that to prisoners anymore. :) Silly me. Stupid protein. Darned needing to eat. So I ate some peanut butter and cheese on Sunday night, and while I didn't feel much better then, I sort of do now. (Or at least I'm not ready to kill people and/or cry my eyes out.)


Crafty crafting crafts. I've found a new love! I <3 bonecrafting! It's so keen. I also worked on clothcrafting (blech) and goldsmithing (meh) this weekend. Ending stats:

Bonecrafting: 15! (Woo! Wow!)
Clothcrafting: 7 (Eh. Not bad.)
Goldsmithing: 2 (Not good, but I wasn't trying to work on it, so.)
Leathercrafting: Made .1 increase by chance (upgrading an item for someone).

Idiot leathercrafting guild wanted items that needed smithing skill on Saturday and goldsmithing skill on Sunday, so I couldn't turn in any points all weekend. Bah! I need my leathercrafting gloves so I can switch over to the bonecrafting guild and get my darned shades! (Currently have about 15K points in leather. Need 70K. Hurry!)

When not crafting, I fished. And fished. And fished. On Saturday there was supposed to be an in-game fishing event with another LS, so I went to the ferry to take part, but it never happened. So I fished. And fished. And fished. (And of course the price of those fish fell and fell and fell.) Sunday the fishing was just terrible -- not even one whole stack of moat carp for the whole day! Bah. All that crafting and sucky fishing adds up to a poor Thistle. Again. *sigh*
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