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How do you say "Are you SURE it's not burning?" in Japanese?

(Okay, so the subject line isn't a real question, I was just trying to tie the various topics of this post together.)

Ever have a dream which features a noise, then you wake up and find that that noise was really happening and somehow your brain added it into the dream? That happened this morning. 4 AM. A nightmare suddenly had a banging sound added into it, and the dream or the banging or something woke me up. At first I wanted to wake up just enough to make sure I didn't slip back into the nightmare when I went back to sleep, but then I got to thinking. What if the banging noise had been real? What if there was another fire and someone was banging to wake people up? I listened for a while, and while no more banging came, that wasn't good enough. I woke myself all the way up, stuck my head outside, but (of course) nothing had been going on. I never did fall back to sleep, and all because of sounds in a dream. Bah!

Very tired this morning. Very very. Wasn't tired last night so went to sleep about 1 AM. (See above paragraph about waking up and staying up at 4 AM.) 3 hours sleep will not cut it. Zzzzz.

In better news, I went to Kinokuniya (a Japanese bookstore) last night. My mother's birthday is coming up, and she wanted "special things, things you can only find in California". Welllll, that's sort of a hard request! What do we have here that isn't found anywhere else? Good wine? Slightly better than average rights for gay folks? So I hit the Japanese place and picked out some stuff. (While you can find it elsewhere, I somehow doubt she'll run across it in the backwoods of Maine.) Of course, I did a lot of shopping for me, too. :) Or, rather, mostly window shopping. I only bought some magnets for myself, but I looked at a lot of stuff. The FMA fanbook and artbook tempted me a lot, but they weren't marked with prices (that I could see), so I resisted.

I know it's silly, but going to Kinokuniya and the Japanese market (Mah-something, Muh-something, whatever it's called) make me a little nervous. These aren't just normal stores with some Japanese stuff in them, they're 100% Japanese language items, clerks who speak more Japanese than English, etc. I always feel like I have to be on my best and not make any mistakes, otherwise I'll make non-Japanese people look worse to them. That's highly silly, as they not only run into tons of non-Japanese, they're probably all American themselves! Silly, silly Thistle.


If the ever-sexy alessar can farm as a WHM, then I'm going to try it, too! I have such grand plans for tonight! I'm going to get a bunch of pickaxes and go to Tahrongi Canyon. Not only am I going to dig for bones (woof woof!), I'm going to try to kill Dhalmel (they drop bones).

Though I hate hate hate spending money on armor/weapons when I could be using it for raw materials for crafting, I upgraded both my armor and my weapon in preparation for the farming. I changed from a Kingdom Tunic to a Faerie Tunic, and tossed out my +1 wand and got a Maul. (Maybe now monsters will stop giggling when I hit them!) We'll see how it goes. I'm really tempted to go as a beastmaster (level 15) instead of white mage (32), just because BST can actually hit and do damage, be hit and not get hurt, etc. (But WHM can sub thief at a high enough level to get TH, so I'm trying WHM first.) If WHM sucks too much, I'll hit Windy and switch. I leveled bonecrafting (to 18) and clothcrafting (to 8) last night, so I'll need to stop in anyway and take the tests for those.

(I just hope tonight isn't the night Bas wants to go touch that WALL OF DEATH thingie we need to do...)
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